Blog 4- Setting

Throughout the book I’m currently reading, the author’s use of the setting influences the choices made by the characters. This story utilizes multiple settings. At the beginning of the story, the author sets the scene by looking into certain events from the past. Ten years prior to the story, the main character’s best friend disappeared. This information provides suspense for the reader right from the start. After this girl goes missing, the main character, Nicolette, moves away from their home town. The author shows the reader that Nicolette is living a successful life in a completely new environment. Nicolette then received a letter from her father which requires her to return home. Nicolette had been living in an apartment 10 hours from the original location of the story. Her apartment became empty. It was filled with boxes of all her belongings. This shows how Nicolette was making a big decision to put her life on pause. One letter still managed to influence her to make a 10 hour drive back to her father. Life in her home town is nothing like at her apartment. The house is old and beat up. Nicolette’s room remained almost untouched after she left. Nicolette is on a mission to discover the truth about her friend Annaleise. The author tells this portion of the story backward from day 15 back to day 1. Nicolette’s neighborhood wasn’t like her apartment in the city. The way it’s described makes it seem like more sketchy situations are going to happen. Later on in the story, another person goes missing. Nicolette is reliving the past again. She’s in the same old town with the same people, and the same thing happens again. Being in this setting influences Nicolette’s attitude throughout the entire story. She comes off as a very stressed character. The setting then takes you back to the night of Annaleise’s disappearance. There had been a car accident when she disappeared. The details of what took place during this crash describe to the reader what actually happened that night. The description of the car crash shows why Nicolette was the one who decided to move after Annaleise’s disappearance. The car crash also explains to the reader why the letter from Nicolette’s father at the beginning of the story influenced Nicolette to finally travel back to her home town.

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