Blog 2: All The Missing Girls

I am currently reading the book All The Missing Girls. The main character is a woman named Nicolette. Nicolette had left her home town ten years ago after her best friend Corinne went missing. Now, she returns to her home town, leaving her life behind, to care for her father who is getting older, and she finds out more information on the disappearance of her best friend. Nicolette’s personality is revealed to the reader in multiple ways throughout the story. 

Certain parts of Nicolette’s personality are described to the reader pretty early on in the story. Nicolette made a choice to leave her apartment and her job to go help her father since he was getting older. Yes, that’s a nice thing to do, but she’s not just going for a week or two. She decided to drop everything in her life for a couple of months. She’s not only helping her father, but she’s helping her brothers deal with his finances too. This reveals an important detail about Nicolette’s personality. She’s showing that she’ll do whatever it takes to help other people out in a time of need.

Prior to Nicolette leaving her apartment, her father sent her a letter saying she needed to come back home because he thinks he saw “the girl”. Even though this girl disappeared ten years ago, Nicolette still showed her concern for her by dropping everything she had going on.

Nicolette shows the reader that she’s a very observant character. When Nicolette finally gets back to her home town, she goes straight to her room. She realizes that the pictures that used to be on her walls were no longer hanging there. One important thing she realizes is that the pictures that got taken down all had Corinne in them. 

I think that these parts of Nicolette’s personality will benefit her in the future of this story. Nicolette is going to be trying to figure out what really happened when Corinne disappeared, and I think that she truly cares about what happened to Corinne. I think Nicolette really developed a strong friendship with Corinne. If she hadn’t, there’s no way she’d travel nine hours to hear what her father had to say about her disappearance. Nicolette cares about the relationships she makes with her family and friends, and she will do anything to maintain those relationships. I believe that she has a great personality.


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