Blog 9

Well to start off, this blog is late but whats new. Obviously my group created a power point filled with virtues we came up with along with ones Ben Franklin came up with. I did a horrible job tracking my day to day virtues and putting them in on the sheet. I am just to lazy to take the time so I just memorized them. My room is always a mess so order and cleanliness was out for the majority of the time span. Surprisingly I cleaned my room Christmas eve so I was able to take that off the “Sheet of mistakes”. I feel that this study could be difficult for some to follow but in my opinion it was not that hard at all. I only broke a few throughout the week and majority was because I was to lazy to clean. Back in Ben Franklin’s time their ideas of virtues probably took hold in different ways. In today’s era we have Electronics and cars. I feel like that gives us more access to things that are considered virtue breakers. We can go shopping whenever we want. We could drive to malls and stores or we can go online to order items right to our doorstep. Electronics like TV’s and phones are a big part in why we waste time. Lots of people are fine just sitting on the couch all day, or bed, watching TV. Like Mr. McGarry said before break, he was going to spend a day watching soccer on multiple TV’s at the same time. Electronics can be very distracting. For me, I spent a lot of time watching Friends on Netflix. I only have until the 1st of January to watch Friends so im trying to get every season in while I can. Currently I am multitasking by watching Friends and writing this blog. It has only distracted me about 23 times now which is why this blog is most likely going to take me 1.5 hours to write. This experiment is probably very beneficial for many people to do. Even though I hated doing this project, it was a good reflection on my week. I feel like everyone could use it once in a while to show when they are being a waste of space or in my case how much. In today’s world it is common to find lazy people or unmotivated people. I truly believe it is a loss of motivation and that is why things do not get done. People do not feel the need to do it, or they do not have the want to do it, without something good or useful coming out of it. Take me for example. If something good does not have a good ending for me I do not do it. I hate doing chores because that is time that I could be doing something else. I could be working on my own stuff or watching the rest of my Friends episodes before it is too late.

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