Blog 2: Characterization

There are two main characters in my book “Wildfire” by Karsten Knight. Ash and her sister Eve are very similar but also have some differences. One being that Ash is a little more compassionate than her older sister Eve. When they are first introduced in the story they are in the middle of a bad situation. Ash was introduced first and was starting a physical altercation with two other people. Eve later pulls into the school parking lot on her motorcycle and faces a cold welcome from her sister and her previous principle. Eve is more of a wild child than Ash and she definitely has more of a temper. She assaulted a girl with her motorcycle helmet and would have had the cops called on her if she did not drive away first. Eve left her sister and family behind 3 months prior. They believed she was missing and did not know where she went or what she was doing. In Ash’s opinion 3 months was not long enough. The story even said “But three months wasn’t nearly long enough for ash Ash to forget that when Eve got involved, things never failed to get out of hand”. That statement shows how Ash feels about her sister. They do not get along very well. It also shows a glimpse into Eves personality from another perspective. She got expelled from Ash’s school for causing fights and saying vulgar references. Ash is very similar it you looked at her temper she showed at the beginning but she is also compassionate. Eve tried to talk her into leaving with her and getting out of that town but Ash knew that was not a good idea. Especially when she has a family at home waiting for her. Eve could not have cared less about her family. She would not even go home to see them and let them know she is doing fine. When Eve drove away Ash went over to Lizzie, the girl Eve assaulted, and helped make sure she was okay. She did not need to do that but she felt like it was the responsible thing to do. Characterization is a big part of every story and without it the story would not even exist.

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