Blog 13

initial impression of the work, like always, is what the heck is this and there is no way i am the only one who does not understand this. i would be surprised if i was the only one who feels like this every time McGarry gives us a reading assignment because to be honest they all suck and are way over our heads. Majority of us are lacking in reading skills. Only a slim few can process this stuff. Most, including me, can not even get through the first sentence without questioning everything or drifting off to whats being posted on Instagram right now. Whitmans devotion makes his work very thought out. everything has a hidden or underlying meaning to it. i have not read anything so thought out and it is very confusing. i am not good at breaking down writing so this text was definitely a struggle for me. As far as the most important lines from my section 48, i honestly do not know because once again my reading level drags me down. Majority of my section was about God and how he sees him. One line speaks about how he is not waiting to learn about god when he can do it right away. that is probably an important line. The man also sees god throughout basic life everywhere. It develops the idea of Transcendentalism. This last question is a home run. The whole section is hard to understand. How, what, when, why? nothing makes sense to me. i can not go through and break down the lines because i do not see what the writer is trying to say. It is a real struggle to me and hopefully that will change. i can break it down and give a middle school summary which is what i did. Not everybody can be book smart. Might be a sign of previous teaching skills i was in the presence of. we will never know. I just have one thing to say “yikes”.

Blog 12

Both Thoreau and Emerson believe that the world of nature is meant for us to prosper from. In “Walden”, Thoreau is taking from the world what is grown at farms on nearby land. He talks about how homes can be built anywhere we see fit. Nature changes to fit him. There is also the thought that he is his own government and controlling the world he lives in. The first portion of “Walden” talks of a man traveling from place to place. He is living off the land and taking as he sees fit. It talks about his beliefs that nature is for the taking. He claims farms in his imagination and talks about how any place is perfect for a home to be laid upon. His whole concept is that nature is there to serve us and that is its only purpose. The conclusion was where I figured out that is was all an experiment. The man in “Walden” traveled into the woods to do an experiment. He lived off the land and used what he could until there was nothing to be provided. He then moved to another area to continue. He learned from the experiment that if you put your mind to completing something you have a very good chance of succeeding. The benefit of Thoreau’s leaving behind society and living in the woods is the benefit of not having outside emotions impacting you. You learn to provide for yourself and live off nature. It is a good getaway from the stress of everyday life as well. I would miss the ease of getting the things I need. I would also miss the entertainment and social aspect. I would need to bring company with me to make it through the experiment. As long as I have company, I believe that I could make it through the experiment. A modern reader should read everything with a learner/open mindset. The idea of Transcendentalism is very good and needs to be looked into. I believe we take nature for granted sometimes and we should open our arms to it more. If you don’t keep an open mind a reader will not learn anything and won’t take the opportunity.

Blog 11

After completing my debate I have realized that arguments should be researched more. I am very good at arguing especially with my family. Most of my arguments are not researched before. One of my biggest peeves is when someone posts something or shares something on social media without actually looking at it. They are spreading false information. It is even worse when they make a comment about it. Now that I have done the debate I feel more confident in them. I thought it was going to be horrible and I would do a terrible job but I feel like I did well. I originally wanted pro side of abortion because I have a strong opinion on it, but now that I think about it that would have been a bad idea. My debate would have had more opinion than fact. I also learned about marijuana and found a side to it. Creating the debate was fairly easy when I actually got myself to sit down and do it. My attention span is very short so it took me  a couple hours only because I got distracted. If I did not get distracted it would have only taken around 2 hours. Facts for my debate were fairly easy to find and I feel like I did a good job keeping opinion and emotion out of it. Watching debates done by other students in my class taught me that none of us know how to do a debate. In all honesty I thought they were horrible but we all were doing something new.  I do not have an opinion or a favorite debate. If I did have to choose I would choose my debate. I thought both sides did good and it was an interesting topic. Everyone has an opinion and it’s interesting to hear the reasoning.

Blog 10

My assigned topic for debate is the pro side of the federal legalization of marijuana. My side is the pro side so I have to be for the legalization of marijuana. I do not have a side for this topic. In my opinion people are going to use marijuana whether it is legal or not. People already do it so the situation will not change. I believe the country is loosing more money trying to fight the legalization. If we legalized marijuana the economy will probably grow. Jobs will be created and money will be made. If it is legalized it can be more controlled and not so out of hand. Currently people are doing whatever they want to do without respecting the law because they feel they can.  Prior to doing research I know that this has been an on going topic for a while. Many states have legalized marijuana. Some have only done it for medical purposes, some have legalized it for recreation. Most are still pushing for the legalization to happen. When doing a basic google search, the first website to show up claims the legalization federally is in lock. Meaning it will definitely happen. A bill is already making its way through congress. To approach this topic I am going to do as much research as I can. I will learn about the current situation and standing of this debate in the government. Finding as many facts and learning all i can about the situation and marijuana will help me in the debate. Keeping opinion out of this topic could be hard but not too bad. I am not one to participate so it is all fact and logic based for me. Opinions of others though will be taken into account as the people of the U.S. are the ones making the movement. I will take those opinions and find a logical approach to them. An ethical problem with legalization of marijuana is the abuse of the substance. It can be dangerous like any other drug. People need to learn how to use it responsibly if they plan to take part.

Blog 9

Well to start off, this blog is late but whats new. Obviously my group created a power point filled with virtues we came up with along with ones Ben Franklin came up with. I did a horrible job tracking my day to day virtues and putting them in on the sheet. I am just to lazy to take the time so I just memorized them. My room is always a mess so order and cleanliness was out for the majority of the time span. Surprisingly I cleaned my room Christmas eve so I was able to take that off the “Sheet of mistakes”. I feel that this study could be difficult for some to follow but in my opinion it was not that hard at all. I only broke a few throughout the week and majority was because I was to lazy to clean. Back in Ben Franklin’s time their ideas of virtues probably took hold in different ways. In today’s era we have Electronics and cars. I feel like that gives us more access to things that are considered virtue breakers. We can go shopping whenever we want. We could drive to malls and stores or we can go online to order items right to our doorstep. Electronics like TV’s and phones are a big part in why we waste time. Lots of people are fine just sitting on the couch all day, or bed, watching TV. Like Mr. McGarry said before break, he was going to spend a day watching soccer on multiple TV’s at the same time. Electronics can be very distracting. For me, I spent a lot of time watching Friends on Netflix. I only have until the 1st of January to watch Friends so im trying to get every season in while I can. Currently I am multitasking by watching Friends and writing this blog. It has only distracted me about 23 times now which is why this blog is most likely going to take me 1.5 hours to write. This experiment is probably very beneficial for many people to do. Even though I hated doing this project, it was a good reflection on my week. I feel like everyone could use it once in a while to show when they are being a waste of space or in my case how much. In today’s world it is common to find lazy people or unmotivated people. I truly believe it is a loss of motivation and that is why things do not get done. People do not feel the need to do it, or they do not have the want to do it, without something good or useful coming out of it. Take me for example. If something good does not have a good ending for me I do not do it. I hate doing chores because that is time that I could be doing something else. I could be working on my own stuff or watching the rest of my Friends episodes before it is too late.

blog 8

First impression on “The Dodos Conundrum” is I hate it. Poetry is absolutely terrible and changing the story does not change my opinion. My opinion will never change. I can not stand reading it and writing it. My thought on the theme is “you can not change the world around you”. I got that because he was saying how he had this perfect world made up in his head but the world around him was terrible. The whole poem is confusing but straight forward. I think all poems are confusing so it could be my own fault. It was hard to find the line separating his thoughts. Both “Eldorado” and “Dodos Conundrum” had easy sound and sense questions. For a few questions my response had to be N/A because the question did not have an answer present in the story. The other questions that were answered were easy to find in the story. In my opinion, “Eldorado” was a much better poem. It had a nice story to it. The author kept it interesting which is hard for a poem to be. The length of “Eldorado was good to. I do not consider long poems to actually be poems. By long i mean more than one page. Writing poetry did nothing for me in analyzing this poem. My poems were completely different. The poems we read in class are more like stories. I do not think anything could make poems easy to analyze. I have gotten the interpretation that they are meant to be difficult.

Blog 7: I hate poetry

I absolutely hate poetry and everything about it. I do not want to read it. I do not want to analyze it. I most definitely do not want to take a quiz or test on it. It is truly horrible. On that note, I thought Eldorado was easy to do the assignment on. I did most of my assignments on my found poem “Annie” also written by Edgar Allen Poe. “Annie” made me believe that Edgar was a horrible writer because I could just barely grasp the concept. I have probably read that poem 10 times and still cant tell you what the first half was about. It really did send me in circles and I hope to never go through that again. Eldorado seemed to get many confused but not me. It did take me 6 days to actually get it done but when I actually took the time it was a piece of cake. Eldorado is pretty straight forward and to the point. That is why I like it. Reading stories assigned by teachers was the worst. That was my original thought but then I tried to find stories myself. Let me tell ya, it is horrible. I like to take the easy way on most things but finding poems yourself is no way easy. You get stuck with the longest, most complicated poem ever. Then you have to sit there staring at it for 25 mins because you do not want to take the time to piece it together. Poetry is most definitely the “awful monster” we all KNEW it was, but its a little more tolerable now that we have done Eldorado. I would love if every poem was like Eldorado. It was a great poem and flowed nicely. I also like the little background information you had to dig for.

Blog 6

My short story started about the same as it continued. My original thought was a girl falling off a cliff then having a dream like vision. That part though progressed into a time traveling experience. I added a lot more characters and had to find ways to keep the story going but still end how I originally planned with it all being a “dream”. I was very stuck on keeping my ending as it was because I liked it. I though it would keep it interesting. Trying to fill in the gaps was a challenge for me but I feel that I was able to make it work. I also enjoy my use of characters, specifically the elderly couple.

I am very happy with my story and I think it came out well. It portrayed most of what I wanted how I wanted it. The only part I would change is the whole conflict with her family. It did not come out how I wanted it and I was unable to find the right words to give a good insight into what was going on. I like how I added the train ticket and paper at the end. It was meant to hint that it was not actually a dream along with the lingering smell of burgers and fries. I hope it came off as intended to the reader.

The reading we have done in class really contributed to the suspense I added to my story. I felt like it helped keep the story interesting to me so I wanted to keep that interest in my story. My independent selection has a lot of unexpected super natural events in it and that is another thing that keeps me interested. By adding the time travel I was able to incorporate the science fiction/super natural side of things.

Blog 5

Elements are a very important part of a story. They help the story come together and make it easier for the reader to understand what is going on and with who. In my opinion, mood is one of the bigger elements to a story because that sets the tone and it portrays the characters actions. If the mood is happy something good is happening. If the mood is suspenseful, most likely something bad is going to happen. Mood leads up to actions in the story and make you feel like you are there. In my book “Wildfire” the mood is very dark. I have yet to have a truly happy scene. There have been deaths and fights. In my short story I plan to use mood to give a glimpse into the setting and the people around my main character. I plan for it to be a very upbeat and happy place so my mood will be happy or carefree. Im setting my short story in the 1960s and when I picture that era I see diners, colorful outfits, and lots of people gathered around each other. Another important element is characterization. “Wildfire does an okay job introducing characters but the author does not give much detail. I plan to give the most detail I can, without getting overboard, on my characters. I want the reader to have a good understanding of the kind of people that are in my story. A story would not be a story without the elements to make it up.


Setting is a very important part of a story and gives the reader a lot of information. In my story, “Wildfire” by Karsten Knight, the setting is in a small town. The setting gives you information on the kind of people that are around and their personalities. The families are nice but the teenagers are horrible to each other. From cheating on each other and beating each other up. They are even vandalizing each others houses. That vandalism not only effects their enemies, it also effects their families. That shows how shallow these kids are and how much they truly care about others. Lizzie Jacobs has proved to be a true tyrant and is encouraging or blackmailing her friends into helping her complete her dirty deeds. She will not be seen as a good person because of these acts. In the second part of the book, Ash is at a boarding school located in north California. When the part first opens we are introduced to Bobby who we learn is Ash’s boyfriend. He seems to feel very entitled and believes Ash should see herself as entitled as well. He goes on to say about how she could have easily flew under the radar but instead chose to become captain of the soccer team. He even becomes shallow enough to bring up the reason she is at the boarding school, her sister. She left to escape her and all the issues she has caused her.