Blog 4: Setting

The Abundance Of Katherines is set in Gunshot, Tennessee. Most of the story takes place in the small hick town of Gunshot. Colin and Hassan are from Windy City but stop in Tennessee only because while driving they saw a sign for a grave of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The characters react to the setting by how they act. So far I haven’t got to the part where the setting is more relevant to the story but it still makes sense and connects the setting and characters together. The setting is important because the townspeople rely on the factory that Lindsay’s great grandpa opened. It is important to Hollis because she didn’t want to shut the doors of the place that keeps Gunshot running.

Blog 3: Humor

In the book An Abundance Of Katherines it utilizes humor a lot. It uses humor through the whole book. One of the main thoughts in the book is all of Colin’s problems back that all relate back to the name Katherine. It is funny how they used a name to mean a lot in a story. By Colin blaming a lot on all of his ex’s it is a good sense of humor that they decided to make all their names Katherine. It makes it seem more important to the story rather than him just dating a lot of girls with all different names. Another thing I find funny about this book is that the two most important parts of his life and what he wants to do are completely different. The one part is about girls and the other is about becoming a genius. At first you would not think they could even be related to each other but the author put two things together that you normally would not see in a book which I think it makes it more interesting. I think it is funny when Colin gets mad about not being a genius because he is so obsessed with finding out why girls do not like him. I think that if you want to be a genius girls should not matter that much. I think a possible scenario that would be funny if it was added to this book would be if Colin went to a big city and tried to find a place to accept him as a child prodigy to turn him into a genius. If every place denied him it would be funny to see him get mad about it and wonder what he is doing wrong. He would eventually find a place that would give him a chance but then he would blow it and do something stupid to make them not want to work with him anymore. This picture shows what I think Colin would look like if he tried to tell someone how he wants to be a genius. I think he would just look dumb. 

Blog 2: Characterization

The main character in An Abundance Of Katherines is Colin Singleton, a seventeen year old boy who has troubles with girls and is referred to as a child prodigy and striving to become a genius. So far from what I have read he is upset because of his recent break up with the 19th Katherine he has dated. He’s been dumped every time he has had a girlfriend and he has become depressed from all of this happening. All he wants is to matter to Katherine or really anyone and it’s not working out in his favor. He does not know why he keeps getting dumped and starts to work on a theorem to figure out what keeps happening or what he is doing wrong. He is also upset from not being considered a “genius” yet, which he thinks he could be one day. Considering it takes a lot of work and dedication it will probably take awhile. He wants to be remembered for contributing to the world in some way and by making a big discovery that matters. From what some of the other characters say about Colin he seems like a normal kid so far. He has one close friend named Hassan and they are currently trying to get their parents allow them to go stay somewhere for awhile and their parents are not buying it. Their parents seem like caring and mostly normal parents that I would be used to. I am still fairly confused on where all these problems are leading to. There are many things that do not add up yet for me like the girls and the genius parts that hopefully I will understand soon from reading more. He is considered the “good guy” or the main character in the story. Colin is the protagonist in the story and the narrator. You see him struggle through the book with a lot of conflicts coming his way and you then see his point of view on how he deals with them. I chose this picture because Colin is very smart and is trying to make theorems to solve all of his problems and become a genius.

Blog 1: An Abundance Of Katherines

  1. I am currently reading An Abundance Of Katherines by John Green. The novel was a 2007 Michael L. Printz Honor book, a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and named one of the books of the year by Booklist, Horn Book, and Kirkus. I chose this book because I like to read books that are relatable and comical. It is about a kid named Colin Singleton and his relationships with girls. His type is all girls named Katherine, which he has dated and been dumped by 19 Katherines. Colin wishes he was a genius and is trying to prove a mathematical problem to become similar to Einstein to try to predict the future of any relationship. The story starts the day after high school graduation when he recently got dumped by the 19th Katherine he has dated. We eventually meet Colin’s best friend, Hassan Harbish. He is Muslim and very intelligent but does not chose to show it, he rather focus on his religion. Hassan is pretty much Colin’s only friend and has a big part of the storyline. He initiates the road trip that ends up changing Colin’s life. I still need to read more to have my full thoughts on Colin but so far I think he is very funny and has a lot to him. The way they made him as a character makes the story easier to read and understand. I have not got the chance to learn a lot about Hassan yet so in the future when I read more I will figure that out. I enjoy the sense of humor John Green shows in this book, it makes me want to keep on reading which is very helpful to me because I usually do not like reading and rarely finish books since I get bored of them. This book off the bat reminds me of The Bachelor. Mostly because of how Colin just likes all Katherines and The Bachelor has to do with talking to a lot of girls. Overall I am liking this book so far, it has kept me excited to keep reading about Colin’s life.