Blog 4

I am currently writing this on my phone because my surface pro is still being “fixed.” Also I cannot figure out how to upload an imagine on this from my phone. I never realized how much we rely on our surface pros for assignments. Anyways the setting is used to influence and reveal characters in the story. Many of the characters are introduced at camp half blood (which is a training camp for young half bloods). Percy is first introduced as a troubled kid that lives in New York but while strange things happen to him and the setting is changed to many locations you can see his development and the challenges he faces. Characters such as Annabeth are first introduced at camp half blood and she has been there for 5 years. In the story you can see how the setting camp half blood as made her a very serious and knowledgeable person. There are also characters such as Grover which you can see the camp has influenced them in a much different way. Grover is not uptight and is the comedic character of the story (I wish I learned of him for the comedy blog we wrote.) He is used as comedic relief in the semi serious story. With the setting being the camp you can see how the setting had created many different personalities in the camp. That shows that in story’s can be shaped into complete different kinds of people by their environment. I hope to see other characters introduced and informed on the place they came from to see how they are. Also I wanna see how Percy is shaped through the journeys he will he taking throughout the story. So far this story hasn’t met my expectations I haven’t really developed a care for any specific character like I used to in books. I don’t know if this is because I don’t like the book or because I no longer enjoy reading. While the characters in this story are developed from there environment I can’t see them being as developed by setting as much as characters like Tom from “The Devil and Tom Walker.”

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