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So far inĀ  Percy Jackson The Lightning Theif I haven’t noticed anything funny or any kind of humor. There may have been some but I’m completely missed it. I’m not gonna lie and could not see how humor could be in this book. To me, this book doesn’t have any comedic potential other than a few low jokes thrown around due to the character’s age. The characters are teens so that’s why I can see dirty jokes being thrown around. The reason I don’t think I can see the humor is because I am not looking for it in this type of book. If I wanted humor I wouldn’t read a book about Greek Mythology. Maybe I would read something that gave off less of a serious vibe and something more laid back. Books never really make me laugh anyway. I have a weird sense of humor. I do not get why I have to look for humor in a book not written for humor. If I had to add humor to the book I would have it so Percy slipped and fell during a battle and his enemy makes a comment about. What I justs said was completely random cause I don’t see humor in this read at all. Currently I am writing this during fair week after being at work all day and have no motivation to write this. I’m currently using all my motivation to even get on my surface pro and write this. My book so far isn’t as good as I expected. Reading was ruined for me so I honestly don’t feel I will ever enjoy a book ever again. Humor in books is extremely stable. Nothing about words on a page is funny to me I would much rather physically see something then read it. That is why I have never read a book specifically about comedy. It would never make me laugh just like how a book has never made me laugh to begin with. I tried expanding this blog to other topics because comedy in Percy Jackson is not something I can find.

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