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Percy is not much of an exciting character in what I read so far. Not much has happen to his character yet. So far there is not a specific way of how the character reveals his personality. The author kind of directly states how he acts and what kind of person he is. Percy is the main character so far. The story revolves around him and his life. He is a very timid boy who has not learned what he actually is yet. At school, Percy is a loner. From what I know about the book I feel like he will develop into someone who is very brave and determined to fight evil. Him being timid so far has had him avoid conflict (other when his teacher became a monster and tried to kill him.) Honestly I do not know much else to say about Percy other than what I already stated. I hope to see him break out of his shell throughout the story. I want to see him be a very brave hero who saves people’s lives and defeats all the evil he faces. In other regards, I can not recall other book characters that has acted this way that I have read. Usually, the books I read have a very motivated character in the beginning. They are who they are in the beginning and don’t change as drastically as Percy does. A character such as Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid he is still a loner at school but his not timid like Percy. Greg starts off cocky and doesn’t develop in any way throughout the whole series. School so far this year has not been as bad an I expected. Other than being given a lot of homework it has been nice.  As long as I pay attetnion I believe I can get through the year easily. Math is going to be the toughest class this year for me. Ever since 9th grade my skill in math has declined. I used to enjoy and be good at it but now I struggle to keep above an 85.

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