Blog 4

I am currently writing this on my phone because my surface pro is still being “fixed.” Also I cannot figure out how to upload an imagine on this from my phone. I never realized how much we rely on our surface pros for assignments. Anyways the setting is used to influence and reveal characters in the story. Many of the characters are introduced at camp half blood (which is a training camp for young half bloods). Percy is first introduced as a troubled kid that lives in New York but while strange things happen to him and the setting is changed to many locations you can see his development and the challenges he faces. Characters such as Annabeth are first introduced at camp half blood and she has been there for 5 years. In the story you can see how the setting camp half blood as made her a very serious and knowledgeable person. There are also characters such as Grover which you can see the camp has influenced them in a much different way. Grover is not uptight and is the comedic character of the story (I wish I learned of him for the comedy blog we wrote.) He is used as comedic relief in the semi serious story. With the setting being the camp you can see how the setting had created many different personalities in the camp. That shows that in story’s can be shaped into complete different kinds of people by their environment. I hope to see other characters introduced and informed on the place they came from to see how they are. Also I wanna see how Percy is shaped through the journeys he will he taking throughout the story. So far this story hasn’t met my expectations I haven’t really developed a care for any specific character like I used to in books. I don’t know if this is because I don’t like the book or because I no longer enjoy reading. While the characters in this story are developed from there environment I can’t see them being as developed by setting as much as characters like Tom from “The Devil and Tom Walker.”

Blog 3

So far in  Percy Jackson The Lightning Theif I haven’t noticed anything funny or any kind of humor. There may have been some but I’m completely missed it. I’m not gonna lie and could not see how humor could be in this book. To me, this book doesn’t have any comedic potential other than a few low jokes thrown around due to the character’s age. The characters are teens so that’s why I can see dirty jokes being thrown around. The reason I don’t think I can see the humor is because I am not looking for it in this type of book. If I wanted humor I wouldn’t read a book about Greek Mythology. Maybe I would read something that gave off less of a serious vibe and something more laid back. Books never really make me laugh anyway. I have a weird sense of humor. I do not get why I have to look for humor in a book not written for humor. If I had to add humor to the book I would have it so Percy slipped and fell during a battle and his enemy makes a comment about. What I justs said was completely random cause I don’t see humor in this read at all. Currently I am writing this during fair week after being at work all day and have no motivation to write this. I’m currently using all my motivation to even get on my surface pro and write this. My book so far isn’t as good as I expected. Reading was ruined for me so I honestly don’t feel I will ever enjoy a book ever again. Humor in books is extremely stable. Nothing about words on a page is funny to me I would much rather physically see something then read it. That is why I have never read a book specifically about comedy. It would never make me laugh just like how a book has never made me laugh to begin with. I tried expanding this blog to other topics because comedy in Percy Jackson is not something I can find.

Blog Post 2

Percy is not much of an exciting character in what I read so far. Not much has happen to his character yet. So far there is not a specific way of how the character reveals his personality. The author kind of directly states how he acts and what kind of person he is. Percy is the main character so far. The story revolves around him and his life. He is a very timid boy who has not learned what he actually is yet. At school, Percy is a loner. From what I know about the book I feel like he will develop into someone who is very brave and determined to fight evil. Him being timid so far has had him avoid conflict (other when his teacher became a monster and tried to kill him.) Honestly I do not know much else to say about Percy other than what I already stated. I hope to see him break out of his shell throughout the story. I want to see him be a very brave hero who saves people’s lives and defeats all the evil he faces. In other regards, I can not recall other book characters that has acted this way that I have read. Usually, the books I read have a very motivated character in the beginning. They are who they are in the beginning and don’t change as drastically as Percy does. A character such as Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid he is still a loner at school but his not timid like Percy. Greg starts off cocky and doesn’t develop in any way throughout the whole series. School so far this year has not been as bad an I expected. Other than being given a lot of homework it has been nice.  As long as I pay attetnion I believe I can get through the year easily. Math is going to be the toughest class this year for me. Ever since 9th grade my skill in math has declined. I used to enjoy and be good at it but now I struggle to keep above an 85.

Blog Post 1

The book I am currently reading is Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Theif by Rick Riordan. I chose this book mainly because I have seen the movie, and also my friend Nathan Pegg said it was a good series. I’ve always had somewhat of an interest in Greek Mythology. In 7th grade, we learned a lot about it and that’s where my interest started. There is a movie based on this book which I have seen. I am not much of a movie critic so I fairly enjoyed it and thought it was a good film. So far from what I have read the book is about a teen named Percy Jackson telling a story about himself. He starts off by saying the story is very dangerous. He then begins to state how he is a troubled 12-year-old who attends Yancy Academy. He is on a field trip with his class at a museum. When he makes his way back to the Greek and Roman section his teacher Mrs Dodds begins to growl and she turns into some kind of beast. She says “It was only a matter of time before we found you out.” When she lunges for him Mr. Brunners throws a ballpoint pen to Percy and it transforms into a sword and vaporizes her. Then suddenly everything goes back to normal and it leads Percy to be very confused about what just happened. My honest thoughts on Percy so far is that he’s an innocent kid who has been somehow put in a very strange situation where his teacher turn into monsters and try to kill him. I like the setting so far also it seems to be all in the past and Percy is telling us readers a long story. With there already being action in the first chapter I’m very intrigued to continue reading. I enjoy books that do not have a long intro where the book only becomes interesting until closer to the climax. While writing this I with Torsten and I was informed the soccer team is 3-0 which is very impressive. You guys are off to a good start, unlike the last season.