blog 10: debate on climate change

My topic for the debate is man influences climate change. The position that I was assigned was the pro side that man influences climate change. My personal opinion is that people are the reason for climate change and we have a very strong influence on the environment. Although, I do not think that the blame should 100% fall on humans. I think that there is some natural causes for the warmth of the plant, but humans do have a big impact. 

There has been many research conducted to show the pro side that climate change is solely to blame on humans. Our use in technology and inventions has produced lots of burning of fossils fuels. It has been found that burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causing the degrading process of the ozone layer. 

Prior to researching the topic, I know that the earth has been warming and many have been blaming human activities for the warming of our planet. Greenhouse gases and aerosols have been altering the earth’s ozone layer which is what is causing the disruption in temperature change. After doing a simple, basic google search I have found that there are two very strong sides to this argument. I have also found that many scientists put the blame mainly on humans and that our release of gases and harmful carbon dioxide is the main reason for the destruction of the atmosphere.

I would address this topic in a logical approach by stating the scientific results of their studies. I would show that since the evolution of cars and other various emission and gas producing inventions the temperature has gone up. 

An ethical issue regarding the topic is that the climate can change naturally creating a problem on my end of the argument. The earth is always changing and it could simply be just the way the sun is which could be affecting the atmosphere. 

Many emotions can be brought into play in this argument because many do care about our planet. So, the thought that the earth is degrading and that it can harm/destroy our planet in the future is scary. The use of these emotions will influence people to start thinking about their effects on the earth. 



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