blog 9: Virtues experiment

Starting the virtues project I knew it was going to be difficult. Not just to complete them and not violate them, but also to remember to mark them down. If I’m being honest I don’t think many actually went into the doc and filled it in each night. At least I didn’t. There we go failing resolution to start. Like I said, I knew every single one was going to be difficult. It was just a matter if I was willing enough to try to be a “better” person. 

For me one of the hardest ones to complete was industry. I think one of the reasons this break flew by so fast was because I mostly sat around and did nothing until 6pm. So, as you can see, I wasted a bunch of time, violating the virtue industry. Do I think that it is such a big deal? No not really. Everyone needs time to relax, that’s the whole point of having a “break” off of school or work. So, although I did not actually complete industry once for a whole day, I can say that I do not regret it. Industry means that you always have something to do and I don’t know about you but that sounds like hell. Most of the teenagers, well actually people in general, that I know are beyond stressed about literally anything and everything. More than likely it is because we have so much pressure and work to do. It’s insanely stressful at times that we give up and just do not want to move. This is why industry does not seem like such a bad thing to me. Well I mean sometimes I should say it is not a bad thing. This one seemed to be the hardest for me because we were on break. I am sure that if we did this experiment while we were in school and were around other students everyday that the results would be different. Mostly everyone just sat around. It was quite a boring break I would say.

Another really hard virtue I struggled with was frugality. Referring to the part of my group’s definition where it states, “Do not spend money on unnecessary items, don’t waste resources, and only use your money for good.” I know that it sounds awful. It really does. But we all waste money everyday. Regardless of what it is on. Like cmon now, we all know that we could survive without using $1 to buy a chocolate bar. But do we anyways? Yes, because it will make us happy and content. After practice I would go to dunkin with my friends. Could we live without going? Another yes. To me frugality is really just doing whatever makes you happy. People buy things to make themselves or others happy. So yes it is a pointless way to spend money, but overall it will make you happy in the long run. 

Overall, what I am trying to say is that this experiment was hard as heck. I do not believe that a single person for an entire week, at least, could complete these virtues. It’s impossible. I know that I could never. This experiment would have been very different if we would have started while we were in school for a solid week. I believe that it would make a dramatic difference.


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