blog 2: Characterization

The main character in the story I am reading, “if i stay”, is a teenager named Mia. Mia and her family have just gotten into a car accident on an icy morning and she is now in a coma. Mia’s parents are both dead and her brother is still unknown. Mia plays an important part in this story because she is now living outside of her body as a “ghost”, while in a coma. Mia’s role in the story is the narrator. She is living outside of her unconscious body and is having/telling the reader information about what is going on and is sharing flashbacks of her life before the accident. 

My initial reaction to Mia was that she was a quiet, shy, and gentle person who kept to herself. Mia is my favorite character in the story, because she tells things how they are. She has accepted the fact, in her “ghost” body that her parents are dead, which now makes her focus on fighting for herself. Which also makes Mia a very strong person on the inside and outside. Mia is now struggling through an emotional/mental state and obviously a physical state after the accident. I think that this makes her very brave and motivated to heal and see the other side. 

Mia is a very strong, and brave girl, but she is scared. She is battling with herself right now against all odds to stay alive. These character traits of being strong and brave play a key role in this story. If Mia would have just given up at any point, which would be very easy for her to do considering the state she is in, then obviously there would not be a plot or story to tell. 

Mia’s perseverance and attitude change the mood of the story dramatically. The reader would guess that after everything Mia has gone through that she would be upset, sad, and willing to let go. Instead Mia continues to push through the emotional and physical pain to survive for whoever is left in her family. The conflicts in the story would not be the same if Mia’s attitude were to be negative. If she were to have a negative attitude then the mood would continuously be sad and weary, but instead Mia is strong and brave and stays confident throughout her trama, which changes the story dramatically. 

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