blog 10: debate on climate change

My topic for the debate is man influences climate change. The position that I was assigned was the pro side that man influences climate change. My personal opinion is that people are the reason for climate change and we have a very strong influence on the environment. Although, I do not think that the blame should 100% fall on humans. I think that there is some natural causes for the warmth of the plant, but humans do have a big impact. 

There has been many research conducted to show the pro side that climate change is solely to blame on humans. Our use in technology and inventions has produced lots of burning of fossils fuels. It has been found that burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causing the degrading process of the ozone layer. 

Prior to researching the topic, I know that the earth has been warming and many have been blaming human activities for the warming of our planet. Greenhouse gases and aerosols have been altering the earth’s ozone layer which is what is causing the disruption in temperature change. After doing a simple, basic google search I have found that there are two very strong sides to this argument. I have also found that many scientists put the blame mainly on humans and that our release of gases and harmful carbon dioxide is the main reason for the destruction of the atmosphere.

I would address this topic in a logical approach by stating the scientific results of their studies. I would show that since the evolution of cars and other various emission and gas producing inventions the temperature has gone up. 

An ethical issue regarding the topic is that the climate can change naturally creating a problem on my end of the argument. The earth is always changing and it could simply be just the way the sun is which could be affecting the atmosphere. 

Many emotions can be brought into play in this argument because many do care about our planet. So, the thought that the earth is degrading and that it can harm/destroy our planet in the future is scary. The use of these emotions will influence people to start thinking about their effects on the earth. 



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blog 9: Virtues experiment

Starting the virtues project I knew it was going to be difficult. Not just to complete them and not violate them, but also to remember to mark them down. If I’m being honest I don’t think many actually went into the doc and filled it in each night. At least I didn’t. There we go failing resolution to start. Like I said, I knew every single one was going to be difficult. It was just a matter if I was willing enough to try to be a “better” person. 

For me one of the hardest ones to complete was industry. I think one of the reasons this break flew by so fast was because I mostly sat around and did nothing until 6pm. So, as you can see, I wasted a bunch of time, violating the virtue industry. Do I think that it is such a big deal? No not really. Everyone needs time to relax, that’s the whole point of having a “break” off of school or work. So, although I did not actually complete industry once for a whole day, I can say that I do not regret it. Industry means that you always have something to do and I don’t know about you but that sounds like hell. Most of the teenagers, well actually people in general, that I know are beyond stressed about literally anything and everything. More than likely it is because we have so much pressure and work to do. It’s insanely stressful at times that we give up and just do not want to move. This is why industry does not seem like such a bad thing to me. Well I mean sometimes I should say it is not a bad thing. This one seemed to be the hardest for me because we were on break. I am sure that if we did this experiment while we were in school and were around other students everyday that the results would be different. Mostly everyone just sat around. It was quite a boring break I would say.

Another really hard virtue I struggled with was frugality. Referring to the part of my group’s definition where it states, “Do not spend money on unnecessary items, don’t waste resources, and only use your money for good.” I know that it sounds awful. It really does. But we all waste money everyday. Regardless of what it is on. Like cmon now, we all know that we could survive without using $1 to buy a chocolate bar. But do we anyways? Yes, because it will make us happy and content. After practice I would go to dunkin with my friends. Could we live without going? Another yes. To me frugality is really just doing whatever makes you happy. People buy things to make themselves or others happy. So yes it is a pointless way to spend money, but overall it will make you happy in the long run. 

Overall, what I am trying to say is that this experiment was hard as heck. I do not believe that a single person for an entire week, at least, could complete these virtues. It’s impossible. I know that I could never. This experiment would have been very different if we would have started while we were in school for a solid week. I believe that it would make a dramatic difference.


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blog 8: The End of Poetry

My first impression of “the Dodo’s Conundrum” was that it was very complicated. After I read through it a couple times I started to understand. Honestly, my interpretation might have been completely wrong but hey, isn’t that what poetry is about. In regards to theme, I think that the theme is that you can’t plan everything out into a perfect world, because in reality it is not that easy. The theme kind of rings true to people that I know. As hard as we try we can’t create a perfect world. It just won’t ever work out. One thing that I am still confused about it why the stanzas are irregular. I thought that the structure of the poem was a tad weird. The first stanza started off with a specific quatrain with a rhyming pattern and then it switched to a stanza of free verse. I found that odd because it switched back and forth throughout the whole poem. So in a way, the poem did have a stanza pattern, but it was new and different to me.

I thought that the sound and sense questions were more difficult than “Eldorado”, mostly because I understood “Eldorado” more. I also tend to find assignments easier when I enjoy and like them. I actually am invested in the story and do better on the assignment. 

Writing poetry affected my way of reading and analyzing this story because I seem to notice more of the techniques and literary devices used. Metaphors in the poems pop out and make more sense to me now. I can also read the poem and the rhyming patterns stand out along with the type of stanzas. Writing poems seems to have helped me understand poetry and maybe made me like it a tad more.


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blog 7: Thoughts on poetry

When I first found out we were learning about poetry I was lowkey pissed and bummed. Of course nobody actually wanted to read poetry in school, considering that is how it was all ruined for us. I think that the school setting also ruined it for me and most students as well. We were forced into reading it and analyzing every single dang line like that was going to teach us anything. Like okay Mrs. O’brien we need to chill. I mean I’m not going to say that over the course of a week I am now in love with poetry. I mean I really don’t think anyone on this planet is in love with poetry or else they are crazy and have a very boring life. I still think poetry is hard to read sometimes. I mean how in the world do you tell if something is iambic or trochaic. Call me crazy, but sometimes I think that they both sound good. I’m one to look at a poem and the meaning of it will go right over my head. I feel like that is very common with others too. There were a couple poems I will say that I did not mind too much. Now, they were not something I would read again, I just didn’t think it was god awful unlike others… 

The poem we read in class, “Eldorado”, happened to one of the poems I didn’t mind reading. Mostly because it actually had a story line and made sense the first time I read it. I also think I liked this poem because it was written by Edgar Allan Poe. I like his poems because most of them are mysterious and have a sadder vibe to them. It is kinda disturbing, but I think creepy stories that involve death or weird people often tend to catch the readers eye. It keeps me more interested because I want to know what happens. 

Overall, I don’t think poetry is something I enjoy and it is definitely not my strong suit. It might not be as bad as I thought before we started but hey I wouldn’t mind if we just skipped over this chapter and acted like nothing happened. 


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blog 6: Finishing My Story

My first, initial concept for my short story changed several times throughout the process of completing my story. I started off the bat wanting to just do a serial killer who obviously kills people and the story behind it. While writing, I began to feel that I needed to go more in depth and have a bigger, better meaning to my short story. So, overall the main concept and takeaway from my story changed from the beginning stages to the end. It has changed because I needed to have a lesson or main theme associated with my story and that is what appeared in my head. 

My final thoughts on my story are ehhhh. I am not the best writer which is why I am not overly excited and happy about what I produced, but I guess I am proud of myself for what I accomplished. Coming up with random stories or topics to write about seems like it would be easier than a prompt because you have more freedom, but I think it was actually harder. I am not the most creative person, so it was hard for me to just come up with a story and a good plot.  I like that my story has many plot twists which keeps it interesting. I don’t really like how I chose my dialogue. To be honest I think that it is kind of cringy. 

From reading the short story, “The Devil and Tom Walker” and my independent reading, I have gained more knowledge on how to write my dialogue. At first I didn’t do it correctly and it turned out to be a mess. After reading through some examples used in “The Devil and Tom Walker” and other books it has given me insight and more ideas to use for my own short story. 


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blog 5: Imitation

The story I am reading is “Where She Went” and it is a romance story that takes place in New York. Mia and her ex-boyfriend who live on opposite sides of the country accidentally and coincidentally meet up in New York. This relates to the story I am currently writing because my story also takes place in New York City. The setting plays an important role because New York is known to be very hectic and there are lots of people coming in and out. Making it very ironic for Mia and her ex to meet up accidentally. 

Another similarity from my story to the book I am reading is that the central theme is being at the wrong place at the wrong time. In “Where She Went”, Mia was in New York ironically at the same time her ex was. Normally people do not like to see their exes, so for Mia it was an awkward encounter and was something she was not expecting. It exemplifies the theme of the wrong place at the wrong time, because if Adam were to have his concert somewhere else or not have gone outside to smoke then maybe he would not have run into Mia. 

In my story that I am writing, a detective, Jennifer, is investigating a serial killer with her team until one night she is coming home from work and someone jumps in front of her causing her to crash into a tree. She is then abducted by the said serial killer and now the case has even bigger problems to deal with. This relates to “Where She Went” because there could have been a different outcome if she would have left earlier in the day when it was still dark out, or if she left with a partner. It really is just a very unfortunate event to be at the wrong place at the wrong time because you never really see it coming. 


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blog 3: Humor

In my book, “if i stay”, there is not much humor, hardly any at all. There are some accounts where humor is used. Mia, the protagonist is in a coma after getting in a car accident with her family. The author did not include many humorous scenes because the story is meant to make the reader have a connection with Mia through pain. The reader is supposed to feel sympathy and be so involved that they are rooting for Mia not to die. The story is meant to make the mood heavy-hearted, and sorry for Mia. 

Mia has flashbacks of the good times leading up to the accident. In one scene, she is reminiscing about the times when her little brother was born and how happy everyone was to be around the newborn baby. She is filled with joy when thinking of her little brother, wishing she could be with him now. This scene is incorporated to bring some light to the story and give the reader an insight of what Mia’s life was before the accident. How everything was ‘normal’.  

The story then flips the mood around and brings Mia back to reality where she finds out that her little brother is indeed dead as a result from the accident. It is very ironic and somewhat cruel way to compare the two ideas of a new life being brought into this world and death. 

I think that humor should be added to this gloomy story in a way to prevent the moos from being so downcast all the time. Yes, Mia is in a coma and all of her family is dead, but I believe that adding some humor would make the reader feel more motivated and hopeful that Mia will make it out alive. A hypothetical situation that could be added to the story to create more humor takes place in the waiting room. Mia’s grandparents and friends have been waiting all day in the waiting room to hear news about Mia’s condition. Nobody has been talking, so the room is silent and weary. I think that if they were to crack some jokes about the situation and make it a more light-hearted and upspirited room, then that would provide some humor and relief to the reader.


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blog 2: Characterization

The main character in the story I am reading, “if i stay”, is a teenager named Mia. Mia and her family have just gotten into a car accident on an icy morning and she is now in a coma. Mia’s parents are both dead and her brother is still unknown. Mia plays an important part in this story because she is now living outside of her body as a “ghost”, while in a coma. Mia’s role in the story is the narrator. She is living outside of her unconscious body and is having/telling the reader information about what is going on and is sharing flashbacks of her life before the accident. 

My initial reaction to Mia was that she was a quiet, shy, and gentle person who kept to herself. Mia is my favorite character in the story, because she tells things how they are. She has accepted the fact, in her “ghost” body that her parents are dead, which now makes her focus on fighting for herself. Which also makes Mia a very strong person on the inside and outside. Mia is now struggling through an emotional/mental state and obviously a physical state after the accident. I think that this makes her very brave and motivated to heal and see the other side. 

Mia is a very strong, and brave girl, but she is scared. She is battling with herself right now against all odds to stay alive. These character traits of being strong and brave play a key role in this story. If Mia would have just given up at any point, which would be very easy for her to do considering the state she is in, then obviously there would not be a plot or story to tell. 

Mia’s perseverance and attitude change the mood of the story dramatically. The reader would guess that after everything Mia has gone through that she would be upset, sad, and willing to let go. Instead Mia continues to push through the emotional and physical pain to survive for whoever is left in her family. The conflicts in the story would not be the same if Mia’s attitude were to be negative. If she were to have a negative attitude then the mood would continuously be sad and weary, but instead Mia is strong and brave and stays confident throughout her trama, which changes the story dramatically. 

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blog 1: When It All Began

The book I am currently reading is “if i stay” by Gayle Forman. I chose to read this book because I have recently watched the movie and thought that it would be a good read. The main character is seventeen-year old Mia who is in highschool. She seems to live a normal life as of right now and initially I can relate to her life. She wakes up in the morning and gets ready for another day at school, only to find out that there is snow on the ground, which means that there is a snow day! 

It was a February morning, and the roads were icy. All of her family members got into the car to go see their friends to hang out with. She was on a car ride with her mom, dad, and brother, and suddenly, they hit a patch of ice and the car was spinning out of control and they were alongside the road, unconscious.

 Mia is now in a coma and she is now living through her ghost while she is uncommunicative. Mia can see that both of her parents did not make it to the hospital before being pronounced dead. She can see them lying on the ground dead at the scene. Her little brother is not dead yet but it being rushed back to the hospital. Mia knowns now that she is not dead because she can “see and hear” the paramedics talking to her and telling her to keep pushing through and that she would make it. 

She is now having flashbacks to times when she was happy and “alive” and with her family. Throughout the story, Mia’s life before the accident is unravelling, telling about her past hardships she was facing. She was stuck deciding on what to do with her life even if it meant she would lose many close relationships. Mia now initially seems to be a very strong person inside and out, who really has nothing left considering all of her family is gone. She is still fighting for her life, which makes her a very strong and brave person.


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