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There are similarities between Walden’s and Emerson’s works. One of them is the idea of nature and how we are apart of it. Walden speaks of living out in the woods in nature. Another connection is the idea of self reliance. Emerson wrote about understanding yourself even if other people do not believe in you while Walden’s ideas were almost individualistic about living alone and away from everything else.

The main idea in “Where I lived and what I lived for” was that he needed to simplify his life and that we should consider doing the same. He plans on buying a farm but it falls through at the last minute which makes him realize that he can live unattached to anything for longer.  He thinks that simplicity is the best way to go so he goes to live in the woods. The house that he was living in was not something that most of us would want to live in. He describes it as “merely a defense against the rain”. He spoke about the chimney being unfinished and about how the boards in the house were weather-stained.  It was as simple and he liked it that way. The main point of ” The Conclusion” is that a person needs to do what is right for themself. He said that he left the woods for as good of a reason as he went there. He got what he wanted out of the experiment. It was like a little vacation from society for him and now he is returning to the real world.

The benefits were being able to see how you would survive without any societal pressure on you. It is the most real form of yourself without anyone around. I think that I would miss having people and I would want to know what is going on in the world even though that defeats the purpose of the experiment. I think that I would be able to do it for a short period of time but definitely not for long. It would be nice to get away from everyday stresses for a little and live simple though.

I think that a modern reader should take out of this that even back then they were trying to go back to having a simple life and every once in a while we should try and take a step back and do the same thing. We become too concerned with everything around us sometimes and do not see the big picture.




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