Reading Log Two

Scarlett O’Hara is, as previously mentioned, a vein person. She enjoys being the center of attention and having the men lust after her.

I do not entirely understand her role in the story yet. The twin boys have been in love with her for a couple years. They both wanted to dance with her at a ball that they are going to. They tell her about a secret engagement that is to be announced at the ball. The boys were later discussing why her attitude seemed unusual, but they could not come up with a valid answer. The true answer was that Scarlett thought that Ashley had more important to tell her rather than that he was getting married. Scarlett thought that Ashley was in love with her, and was expecting a marriage proposal from him. She stayed quiet for the rest of the night and waited for her father’s return.

Scarlett sat and waited until her father came riding down the street. He confirmed the news with her. She has absolutely torn apart when the news officially broke that he was marrying another woman. She was around sixteen and has not received a marriage proposal yet. She was comparing herself to her mother because she received one at fifteen. I believe the whole situation shows how vain she is. She has countless men falling over her at all times, and she is attracted to the one man who does not want to be with her.

So far, I believe that Scarlett is the protagonist. I do not like her character though. I find her annoying. She acts like she is entitled to anything that she could ever want. She snaps at the twins because she does not want to talk about the war. She does not invite them to dinner after they told her news that she does not want to hear. Everything is her way or no way. She acts six instead of sixteen. I find her immature and petty. She is a dramatic person.

I feel as though the personality traits that I dislike about Scarlett will be resolved because the upcoming war will force her to mature quickly.






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