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Poetry isn’t too bad, but it still isn’t my favorite. 

The way we analyze it has made it actually interesting. I can actually look for stuff instead of talking about feelings. The rhythm thing (excuse my terms) is actually interesting too. It’s cool to break down a poem by myself and be able to think about it. I don’t have to listen and wait for everyone else to get it, and the stuff we read actually requires thought. That might sound mean but the worst part was waiting for EVERYONE to figure out what it meant, and then we heard what it meant to them. Then we’d all be wrong and learn about the real answer. I know I won’t get the theme for Eldorado probably but at least we don’t all talk about it for 3 days. That’s actually really nice, it’s a big improvement. 

Sound and sense has made stuff much better. I know what to look for now and it actually helps me understand stuff. It’s way better than getting a poem and being told: “analyze this”. I didn’t even know what to look for. That’s a really bad way to introduce a unit and maybe that’s why everyone hated it. We would be told what to look for but it was never clear and out into a decent format. Now I can at least look for reference and understand what to find. I can read the poem and sort of pick stuff out instead of going in blind. I know I might not be able to find everything and some stuff is confusing but I have a structure now so that’s great. 

Eldorado is an okay poem. Poe is a weird writer and most of his stuff is dark. His usual tone doesn’t make it too hard to find a theme though. He just hides the theme really well somehow. It actually not painfully boring to analyze his work. It is 30 pages long and is attention-grabbing. It’s not just about nature, and the way he incorporates his theme is always interesting too. I haven’t gone much into other authors but hopefully, they won’t be boring.

I hope we get to read this poem too

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