IR Imitation

An important element I can imitate from the book I am reading is being descriptive. For example, in the book I am reading the author is very descriptive about the characters in the book. This is a good feature because I and others can almost picture the people in the book and makes it a more enjoyable read. Another way this is helpful is because their personalities are defined. This makes the characterization better and helps  the story progress, as well as let you get a feel for the characters. Also, having a good description of the setting can be very helpful to the progression of the story and if there are any man vs nature aspects, a good description of the surrounding elements from wildlife to people to the vegetation, helps tell the story a lot better. For example, if the story takes place on a plane, you know something is gonna happen to the plane like a hijacking or a crash, or both. If the story takes place in a city, it could be gang related or simply trying to find work and take some opportunities to make money. If its about the west in the late 1800’s you can guess there is gonna be cowboys and bandits. If its in the woods or a desert you can guess that it will be about survival. You get the point. Now, lets say that a story was not descriptive about the surroundings, you could have a man walking then all of a sudden get killed. By what? You do not know because there is no descriptive elements about where he is or how he got killed. As you can see being very detailed and descriptive when writing a story makes it a lot more enjoyable and entertaining to read. This is why I feel this is something I should focus on while I write my short story.

Setting blog

In the book I read the setting has no effect on the story. The book im reading from is a collection of stories by Edgar Allen Poe. In the stories I have read so far, setting has not played a big role. In these stories it is focused more on the characters and their actions matter more so than the setting. For example, in one story, the tell tale heart, the story is about how a character is crazy and an old man’s eye drives him to kill the old man. The setting has nothing to do with the story. It could have just as easily been put in a place such as South America or Russia. This fact is true in all the stories ive read so far. I don’t see why this prompt is based on The Devil and Tom Walker just because we read it in class. These blog posts are just getting old very quick. The fact that they have to be 350 words and done based on stuff we do in class is a big oof. It is just impractical to have to write these every week. Because we have to do these week people have to drag these out like I am currently doing right now. I know im not the only one who does this because people told me they do this and gave me the idea to do this too. Why on God’s green earth do I need to write three hundred and fifty words to express I need to say. Why would i have to write this many words when I could clearly do it with less words. I was talking with Arrick about these posts and he agrees that this is too many words. This is simply to much work along with other assignments and tests / quizzes and with work after school almost every day. At this point I still need like thirty something more words. See this is probably getting boring to read since i’ve been dragging it out. If it was 250 words it would be more manageable. But, it would be better if we could just write enough to answer the question. Plus it would take you less time to read and grade.

IR post 3

The book I read doesn’t utilize humor in any way. I read the story “The Masque of the Red Death” by Edgar Allen Poe. The story wasn’t made to be funny. It was about a plague that a prince and wealthy nobles tried to escape from. They were at the prince’s abbey. It had 7 rooms that he had all the people stay in. Then one day an unknown figure appears in the abbey. He is disguised in a red death victim. Then the figure makes his way through all the rooms and the prince confronts him. Then the prince is killed. Then all his guests in turn die following the princes death. As you can see, this isn’t a book designed for humor. It’s just about how no matter who you are you can’t escape death. At least that’s my interpretation. I’d be curious to see what others think the meaning of the story is or if they think there  even is one. However in English language arts teachers have said there is always a point to a story. Authors don’t just write a book for no reason. 

The only kind of humor they could add into this book is dark humor. For example they could have the stranger mess with the people through some dialogue. Other than that I don’t know how to add humor to the book. At this point im just trying to fill 350 words. I don’t see the point of trying to find humor in every book. Nor do i think humor could just be added to any book. For example, Edgar Allen Poe Writes in the horror genre, in his books, they are made to scare you and others who read it. Not necessarily to be funny or anything. There are other authors that write books to be funny that are in the horror genre, but Edgar Allen Poe is not one of them. An example of a horror author that uses humor would be Stephen King. He uses dark humor in his books though. It would probably be hard to use any other type of comedy in a horror book to be fair.

IR post 2

 The story I read was The Pearl by John Steinbeck. In the part I read there was a Doctor. The part i read is about a man named Kino and he is a pearl diver. The diver’s son (Kino’s son) Falls ill because he is stung by a scorpion. Kino and his family are a Amerindian Family and very poor. Now i know what your thinking, how does this have anything to do with the prompt. But the character I am going to talk about is the doctor but i have to give backstory for this to make sense.  Now that Kino’s son named Coyotitto has been stung he needs to be taken to a hospital as he is an infant. There are no doctors in the village they live in so he takes his son to a richer area where there is a Doctor. When he gets there it is revealed that the doctor is a greedy and racist person. When they arrive to the doctor. The doctor refuses service because they don’t have enough money for him and he won’t treat them due to their race. He even says very wrong things like “Have I nothing better to do than cure insect bites for ‘little Indians’?” and how he will not take care of his son because he is not a vet and does not take care of animals. “I am a doctor, not a veterinarian.”. This is racist because he is calling them animals just because they are Amerindian. What he says just shows how he has to believe that he is superior over the people and very resentful towards Kino and his people. If he would just take care of the baby, he could save his life. But he denies the service calling them animals not even seeing them as humans. This affects the story because it drives the main character, Kino’s actions in the rest of the book. (I turned this in as a google doc instead of a blog thats why the blog is late)

Independent reading log 1

The book I am reading is Great Tales And Poems Of Edgar Allan Poe. The book is a collection of his stories and poems. The reason I chose this book is because I generally like the horror category, they can be a very exciting genre to read and watch. The part that I read was The Tell Tale Heart. The story is about an unnamed man who claims over and over that he is a sane person. He is an old man who he claims to have a “Vulture eye”. He says how this eye bothers him so much but he can’t harm the old man because he is not the thing causing his agony the “vulture eye” is. He then says how he planned this murder out so well. How he was able to sneak into the old mans room every night leading up to the murder without waking him up. He says he was never able to kill him because he couldn’t see his eye. Finally he sneaks into the old man’s room and he wakes up. The room is pitch black so the old man can’t see anything. He puts a narrow beam from his lantern onto the old man’s eye and gets angered and flips his mattress on him. He then goes on about how he disposed of the body so perfectly. He cuts up the body into very small pieces and hides them in the floorboards. Later when the cops come investigate he invites them in and talks to them very calmly. He even leads the cops around the house and makes up a story about the old man and how he is away at this time. Then he sits down with the cops and talks with them for a while. It looked like he would get away with the crime.  Then he claims to start hearing a pounding in his head. He then starts thinking how the cops really know he did this deed and are making fun of him. Then he admits to everything and tells the cops the whole story. Them the story ended there, very abruptly.