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In the book I read the setting has no effect on the story. The book im reading from is a collection of stories by Edgar Allen Poe. In the stories I have read so far, setting has not played a big role. In these stories it is focused more on the characters and their actions matter more so than the setting. For example, in one story, the tell tale heart, the story is about how a character is crazy and an old man’s eye drives him to kill the old man. The setting has nothing to do with the story. It could have just as easily been put in a place such as South America or Russia. This fact is true in all the stories ive read so far. I don’t see why this prompt is based on The Devil and Tom Walker just because we read it in class. These blog posts are just getting old very quick. The fact that they have to be 350 words and done based on stuff we do in class is a big oof. It is just impractical to have to write these every week. Because we have to do these week people have to drag these out like I am currently doing right now. I know im not the only one who does this because people told me they do this and gave me the idea to do this too. Why on God’s green earth do I need to write three hundred and fifty words to express I need to say. Why would i have to write this many words when I could clearly do it with less words. I was talking with Arrick about these posts and he agrees that this is too many words. This is simply to much work along with other assignments and tests / quizzes and with work after school almost every day. At this point I still need like thirty something more words. See this is probably getting boring to read since i’ve been dragging it out. If it was 250 words it would be more manageable. But, it would be better if we could just write enough to answer the question. Plus it would take you less time to read and grade.

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