Blog 13- Song of Myself

My initial impressions and reactions to the work is that it is very hard to decipher. When reading poems like this I feel like I get what its trying to say but then, someone will tell me something completely different and my mind will be blown. For example, in the first section that we read in class when it talked about the blade of grass, I had no idea he was connecting himself to the blade of grass. Little stuff like that in this poem are very hard to point out, and can really make you think about the different possibility of what the author is trying to display. My initial thoughts on the section was a assigned is that, it is also hard to understand but the part we have deciphered do show a ton of meaning about life. I think that Whitman’s devotion to transcendentalism affects his writing in a positive way by making the reader think. He makes the reader think about things outside or ordinary life, and connects well with nature and the human body himself. Him using transcendentalism helps the reader think about things that are not common with our society and how it should or shouldn’t affect us. I think that one of the most important lines in our section is line 29, “The smallest sprout shows that there is really no death”. I think that this is important because, although things may die, they never really go away. Everything leaves a mark. I also think that line 23 is important, “And I perceive they do not come from the roofs of mouth for nothing”. I think this is important because it talks about how bad people and the bad things they say are a result of something. Something had to happen in there life that caused them to be like that. Both of these convey the meaning of the poem well in the way that they show how life and people are. My only real difficulty of the work is that it takes me a while to figure out what the author is trying to say. Some things are hard to point out and make connections to.Image result for walt whitman

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