Blog 7- Poetry

Poetry has never really been something that really excites me, or something that I read often. From some of the poetry that we have been reading, I have learned to like it and find the real meaning within it. One of the main things that I enjoy is being outside, and I liked that I could relate with the poem I selected as my favorite, Ledges. I also like the poem “Eldorado” that we are reading and studying in class right now. This poem shows real meaning and something that you can relate to your everyday life. The fact that hard work and dedication can’t always take you to one of your goals happens often in life, and that’s just life. I think that “Eldorado” is a good poem once you find the true meaning of it and the different hints that show you that meaning. Now that I have read a little bit of poetry, I don’t despise it as much anymore. I think that my hate for poetry came from a lack of not reading. Now that I have been faced with some different poems I feel like it’s not that bad. When I have read poetry in the past, I haven’t broke it down and thought about as much as we are now. Once you have broken a poem down, you can really see the true meaning of the poem. What I realized with poems is that usually within the poem you can find a lesson or even a little advice. I like this about poems and enjoy motivational poems that display a real conflict that you can compare to your own life.  Another part of poetry that I know enjoy is that a story can be told is such little wording. In some poems, you can be given great detail in such little wording. When you get this detail you can almost imagine or create the story yourself as a reader. All in all, poetry is not as bad as it seems and I’m glad that i got the chance to change my mind about it.Image result for nature

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