Blog 3- Humor “Four Days to Glory”

Through what I have read from “Four Days to Glory”, there has been no use of comedy. This book is a motivational book telling the story of serious and determined athletes. I believe it is very unlikely that I will discover some sort of comedy by the end of this book. So far, multiple none comedic concepts have been discussed. For example, there are multiple scenarios where both Jay Borshel, and Dan LeClere are characterized and described as focused and determined athletes, not the joking type. This story explains the difficulty and adversity that steller athletes must face if they want to succeed. Some examples of the serious attitude in this book include, the standards set for both these athletes and what is expected, there overall attitude, and the work that they put in every single day. Although it may not seem that difficult to add comedy to a story about high school athletes, it for sure is. When reading this story never does comedy come to my mind, the only thing that i am thinking about is how can I change what i do to be successful. Although it is very difficult, I think that some comedy can be added to this story especially when at practice. I know that when I’m at practice and dying from either doing sprints or some other running exercises, it is easy to joke around with friends and make it less terrible. Like everyday at practice, Dan is doing his assigned sprints, jump roping, and other exercises. At this point he is digging deep and trying to use whatever energy he has left in his very tired and fatigued body. This is a perfect time to use comedy and try to make his situation not as terrible as it really is. For instance, while the athletes are conditioning, funny and dumb comments could be made to lighten the mood. Not only would this lighten the mood in the story but it would also get a little laugh out of the reader and make the story more enjoyable. Even though “Four Days to Glory” is a good serious story, I feel that it would be beneficial to add a little comedyImage result for athletes running and laughing

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