Reading Log 1- Four Days to Glory

The book that I chose to read is called “Four Days to Glory” written by Mark Kreidler. I originally chose to read the book called “The Cipher”, but i did not find the book interesting. I chose “Four Days to Glory”, because I have an interest in reading sports related books, and the perseverance of the athletes in them. From what I have read so far, this book is about a high school student athlete named Jay Borshel. Jay is a three time state champ wrestler at Linn-Mar high school and is trying his best to be apart of a group called the “four-timers”. To become part of this elite group, he must win the state championship for his fourth and final year of high school wrestling. The setting of this story begins in the gymnasium at Linn-Mar High School where a wrestling match is currently occurring. Jay has just walked off the mat and threw his headgear to the side because of yet another disappointing forfeit. Jay wants the most practice that he can get before the upcoming state championship but no one will wrestle him. All the teams that Linn-Mar will face in there season would forfeit at his weight class in attempt to not give away a ton of points. The main character of this story, Jay Borshel, fascinates me because of his outstanding athleticism, along with his hard work and determination.  Although Jay’s emotions are constantly filled with disappoint about not being able to wrestle in matches, he still goes to practice everyday with a great mindset and try’s he hardest even though he must drill with the assistant coaches. Jay’s goal of being a four time state champion will not be ruined because of people not wanting to wrestle him, so he will work his hardest in practice to achieve it. It is for this reason that he fascinates me so much already.  So far, I think this is a great book and I am looking forward to reading the rest of it. Although I do not wrestle, I like hearing about an athlete just trying to do his best under difficult circumstances. Image result for state champ wrestling on podium

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