Blog 5- Imitation

I would take many things from the book, “Four Days To Glory” to use in my short story. I think that the book that I am currently reading does a very good job at explaining the setting, characters, and plot. “Four Days To Glory”, does a fantastic job with characterization and that is what I want in my short story. In my short story, I will show my characters mood and overall attitude through conflicts like this book does. I love how easy it is to catch onto the characters in this book, so I want to incorporate that and make it easy in my short story as well. I feel like characterization is very key in writing great story’s. From reading my book, I can say that characterization not only helps, but makes the story more enjoyable and easy to read. When writing my short story, I will focus on the characters more which I think will open up the story. I want the people that read my story to put themselves in the main characters shoes and try to relate with what’s going on within there lives. I chose characterization to take from this book because with the topic that I am using it fits very well. Like the book I am reading mindset is a huge part of the story. I am using the short story, “It cost too much, staying human”, which just from reading it shows the someone is thinking very hard. There will be a lot of thoughts running through my characters heads, just like the characters in “Four Days To Glory”. But, unlike the characters in my book, my character(s) will make a decision that will change his life forever. Overall, I chose to take characterization from my book because I think it is a very important aspect of a story and my story.Image result for someone thinking

“Four Days to Glory”- Setting

In, “Four Days to Glory”, the setting is very utilized and helps explain the main characters and there personalities. Also, it is used to set the tone of the entire book. Through this book, the setting displays a serious and determined theme and attitude of the book. Right when I began to read this book, it was very easy to determine the type of people the characters were because of the setting. The reoccurring setting of this story, which is a dark gymnasium with mats laid out and one little light on, displays this serious and determined attitude throughout the air. After experiencing the setting, the characters personalities were easily revealed because of the environment around them. For example, at the very beginning of the story, Jay Borshel is focused and getting ready to wrestle in front of the people of his town packed in a gymnasium . But, as normal, his opponent forfeit and he threw his headgear and took a seat in the dark. This setting shows the focus of Jay and how much he wants to wrestle his opponent. As said in my last blog, this is pretty much a non-comedic book. The setting for this book really shows the general attitude throughout the book. The whole seriousness of this book is set within the first chapter or two. Through these two chapters, there never a non-serious setting shown. For example, Jay and Dan are either preparing for a wrestling match that day or they are working hard at practice. Not only does this influence the story, but it helps the reader understand the seriousness of the plot and how much this particular sport means to the different characters. For myself, the setting of this story really helped me jump right in and understand what is happening. Immediately, I figured out that this was a serious book of two athletes and how the grind day in and day out. All in all, the setting really influences the story and the characters and helps out the reader to determine the type of people the characters are.

Blog 3- Humor “Four Days to Glory”

Through what I have read from “Four Days to Glory”, there has been no use of comedy. This book is a motivational book telling the story of serious and determined athletes. I believe it is very unlikely that I will discover some sort of comedy by the end of this book. So far, multiple none comedic concepts have been discussed. For example, there are multiple scenarios where both Jay Borshel, and Dan LeClere are characterized and described as focused and determined athletes, not the joking type. This story explains the difficulty and adversity that steller athletes must face if they want to succeed. Some examples of the serious attitude in this book include, the standards set for both these athletes and what is expected, there overall attitude, and the work that they put in every single day. Although it may not seem that difficult to add comedy to a story about high school athletes, it for sure is. When reading this story never does comedy come to my mind, the only thing that i am thinking about is how can I change what i do to be successful. Although it is very difficult, I think that some comedy can be added to this story especially when at practice. I know that when I’m at practice and dying from either doing sprints or some other running exercises, it is easy to joke around with friends and make it less terrible. Like everyday at practice, Dan is doing his assigned sprints, jump roping, and other exercises. At this point he is digging deep and trying to use whatever energy he has left in his very tired and fatigued body. This is a perfect time to use comedy and try to make his situation not as terrible as it really is. For instance, while the athletes are conditioning, funny and dumb comments could be made to lighten the mood. Not only would this lighten the mood in the story but it would also get a little laugh out of the reader and make the story more enjoyable. Even though “Four Days to Glory” is a good serious story, I feel that it would be beneficial to add a little comedyImage result for athletes running and laughing

Reading Log 2- Characterization

Characterization is displayed well in the book, “Four Days to Glory”, through two main characters. These two characters are pretty different as well as a little bit the same.  Jay Borschel and Dan LeClere are both in there senior year of high school, and are trying to win the state championship in wrestling for the fourth year straight. Jay Borchel is known as city kid from either growing up in the suburbs or in University towns. He is described as a very motivated and emotional character who feeds off of people doubting him. There are many people that doubt him, but he loves that and that drives him to do his best and prove them wrong. Jay is also a very confident person but knows that he must show out on the mat to bring home a victory. Although he is confident, he does not come off in an arrogant way. He respects others but does not demand too much respect himself. Jay is a good person that is respected by many people. Dan LeClere, unlike jay, lived on a farm for most of his life but still knows his way around a city. He is very well known as a hard worker and a leader in his community. Dan has a father and coach that are very hard on him to try and push him to do his best. Dan also faces his own thoughts and doubts where Jay is more confident and focused. Although very unalike, Jay and Dan also have many similarities when characterizing them. As said before, both guys have one main goal on there mind and that is to win there fourth straight championship. They want this goal so bad and will do anything to achieve it which shows there dedication and determination. Only living 20 miles away, they think of each other as friends and are glad they get to strive for this goal with someone else. All in all, both athletes may live different lives, but they both have great determination and a killer mindset to achieve there high school dream and goal.  Image result for someone running uphill

Reading Log 1- Four Days to Glory


The book that I chose to read is called “Four Days to Glory” written by Mark Kreidler. I originally chose to read the book called “The Cipher”, but i did not find the book interesting. I chose “Four Days to Glory”, because I have an interest in reading sports related books, and the perseverance of the athletes in them. From what I have read so far, this book is about a high school student athlete named Jay Borshel. Jay is a three time state champ wrestler at Linn-Mar high school and is trying his best to be apart of a group called the “four-timers”. To become part of this elite group, he must win the state championship for his fourth and final year of high school wrestling. The setting of this story begins in the gymnasium at Linn-Mar High School where a wrestling match is currently occurring. Jay has just walked off the mat and threw his headgear to the side because of yet another disappointing forfeit. Jay wants the most practice that he can get before the upcoming state championship but no one will wrestle him. All the teams that Linn-Mar will face in there season would forfeit at his weight class in attempt to not give away a ton of points. The main character of this story, Jay Borshel, fascinates me because of his outstanding athleticism, along with his hard work and determination.  Although Jay’s emotions are constantly filled with disappoint about not being able to wrestle in matches, he still goes to practice everyday with a great mindset and try’s he hardest even though he must drill with the assistant coaches. Jay’s goal of being a four time state champion will not be ruined because of people not wanting to wrestle him, so he will work his hardest in practice to achieve it. It is for this reason that he fascinates me so much already.  So far, I think this is a great book and I am looking forward to reading the rest of it. Although I do not wrestle, I like hearing about an athlete just trying to do his best under difficult circumstances. Image result for state champ wrestling on podium