Blog 11 aka Wow! I was even more terrible than I thought I was going to be.

I feel like everyone argues differently based on the environment we are in. Like, when I had to debate in front of the class I was scared out of mind and could barely breathe. The whole class probably just thought that I was really bad at arguing/debating, but that’s not really true. The topic was uncomfortable to talk about, I was debating for the side I don’t agree with, and I was being graded for it. All the pressure just made by debate seem really bad, but if I’m debating for a side I agree with, with my friends, and it’s not for a grade, I am significantly more confident it’s like I’m a different person. I imagine that for some people it’s the same thing, for others they’re able to just fake their confidence, and that some people are just good at debating whenever with whoever. Even though my side really had more arguments about why assisted suicide shouldn’t be legal, it was about religion and I didn’t want to bring religion into my argument because I didn’t think using religion would help convince my audience. Also, considering the fact that my opponent could have simply said: “Well not everyone believes in that religion.” So, I tried to simply just go with facts, things from studies or surveys, but that still didn’t end up working out. My opponent went an ethical and emotional route saying that families could say their goodbyes and how it could stop peoples’ pain. Even though he didn’t have that many facts his rebuttal was great and that’s probably why he won (Not actually sure if he won. I’m just assuming because I was terrible). Now I know that arguing has a lot to do with psychology. It doesn’t matter if you have facts or not. If one person seems more confident than the other person, people are going to think that person one even if the results were close or even the exact same. Developing my speech was hard. I knew that everything I found could be brought down in some way, but I needed an argument that was 3-4 minutes long so I kept things in that I probably shouldn’t have. From watching the other debates, I learned that I am incredibly bad at public speaking. This whole blog is basically just me talking about how bad I am. I don’t know why, but for this debate, in particular, I was significantly more anxious than usual. I mean I could barely breathe for crying out loud. This whole experience for me was like the most horrible and stressful roller coaster. I knew right when I got my topic and side that I was going to lose. Then, I spent forever trying to find stuff that could work. I had several breakdowns over the course of doing this debate. When it got closer to my debate day all I thought was that it doesn’t matter if I lose I just have to not fail and right after I debated I felt like I failed. This was probably the worst project I have had to do in my life and I am NOT exaggerating it was horrible. I think the best debate so far was the one about Free State College Tuition. They both seemed prepared and were calm, both their rebuttals were good, and I really couldn’t tell who won.

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