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My topic for the debate is assisted suicide. I have to debate for the con side. This is not my personal opinion on the topic. I believe that it should be legal. If a person is at the end of their life and they are in so much pain and are suffering then I think they should have the choice of whether or not they want to die. I know what assisted suicide is, where a doctor helps a patient pass. I that many people that disagree with the topic are religious and that suicide is considered a sin. I know that one of the reasons the people support assisted suicide say that as you get older it gets harder to do enjoyable things in life. With a basic google search, the definition of assisted suicide comes up, where it is legal (Montana, California, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. and the District of Columbia), and that physicians cannot be prosecuted for prescribing medications to accelerate death. For a logical approach, I have read about how only 0.2% of the population was using assisted suicide because of a terminal illness and that sometimes the medication given doesn’t always work. 1,186 people took the drug out of 1,857 and seven of them regained consciousness after taking the drug while one of them was still alive. An ethical approach could be that it goes against the code of healing and that it could force doctors to perform the act without their consent. The role of a doctor is to be a healer and assisted suicide completely goes against that. Some doctors believe that when the healing of the patient is no longer possible finding a way to relieve there suffering should be the priority. An emotional approach that I could take is that when a younger person takes there own life it is terrible and society is trying to figure out a way to stop that so why does it matter if the person is older and a doctor is giving them medication to purposely die? The emotions that I could bring into play are definitely sensitive. There are many approaches to the argument that I could take, but the best arguments have all three so I will try to incorporate all of them into the debate.

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