Blog 8: The End of Poetry

My first impression of “The Dodo’s Conundrum” was that the format of it was interesting. The way it switched from a ballad to free verse every stanza. I feel like I figured out a lot. I feel like I’ve figured out what the theme is, how the stanzaic form and free verse show the theme, some of the allusions and symbols. Some of the allusions and symbols I’m still a little confused about. I think I could know what it’s supposed to mean, but I’m not one-hundred percent sure. Like, the line from “The Red Wheelbarrow.” I’m not sure what it’s supposed to add to this poem. I think some of the Sound and Sense questions were easier to answer, but not all of them. I felt like I understood this poem a little bit more than Eldorado. For this poem, again I wasn’t sure about some of the symbols and allusions, so I didn’t know exactly how to answer questions about them. I feel like this class has affected the way I read a poem a lot. I used to just not really think about what different things could mean while reading a poem. I also wouldn’t really try to read poems with a rhythm. Now I do both of those things and I subconsciously try to figure out how many syllables are in a line while I’m trying to read it. I also feel like I can just analyze poems better as a whole. I used to be confused as to why one thing meant this bigger thing that helps you understand the theme of the poem. I feel like I understand it now.

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