Blog 7

Out of all the poems that we have read, I think that I liked Eldorado the most. I think I liked it because I understood it the best. The other poems we read as a class were just parts of the poem and not the whole poem so, I don’t think I can say if I liked or disliked any of those poems. I didn’t really like any of the poems that I found on my own. I just thought both of them were fine. That they were just more poems that I had to read. I didn’t find them to be that interesting. I liked Eldorado a lot more than the other poems. I guess it helped that you read it out loud because then it was easier the figure out the rhythm. I figured out the importance of the shadows and how they switch meanings every stanza. I also got the meaning of the poem very easily. I feel like I got the theme of the poem or I at least hope I got the theme of the poem. I think I just like poetry that’s easy because I don’t like to be wrong. I don’t hate poetry anymore. I don’t love poetry now like I’m gonna read poetry on my own. We haven’t written any poetry yet and I hope it stays that way. I may not hate reading poetry anymore, but I will probably still hate writing my own. Writing poetry is still my worst nightmare. I can analyze other people’s poetry, but I don’t think I could write a good poem by myself. Poetry is not the “monster” anymore and I’m actually very surprised about it. I hated poetry so much before this and teachers always say well after we do it in this class that everyone would like poetry and that is never true. I still don’t like poetry, but I don’t hate it as much as I used to. I just don’t want to write my own. I know that’s probably going to happen and it’s going to be absolutely terrible.

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