Blog 4- Setting

The setting in A Thousand Pieces of You is very important to the story. Marguerite Caine and Theo has to travel through dimensions to find Paul Markov. Depending on the dimension they travel to they have to figure out what life their other self has and what their other self acts like. Because the characters have to change how they act with each dimension they go to it reveals how the characters are by showing if the character has trouble acting like their other-self. Also, sometimes the characters will talk about how different their lives are from their other lives. For example, the first dimension that Marguerite and Theo end up in is a futuristic London. In this dimension, Marguerite’s dad, mom, and sisters are dead so she lives with her aunt. While in Marguerite’s normal life only her father is dead and she lives with her parents. Also, in the futuristic London setting the Marguerite likes to go out, drink, party, and she wants to become a fashion designer. While in Marguerite’s normal life she likes to stay in, paint, and she wants to go to an art school. When normal Marguerite starts to figure out how the other Marguerite acts it is hard for her to change how she acts. Also, she had to go out to party and Theo had to find her and take her back to where the other Marguerite lives. When she gets home she immediately throws up and has to take a shower. Theo’s life is also very different in that dimension. Other Theo lives in America and has never even met Marguerite. Also, normal Theo and other Theo are addicted to drugs, but in the futuristic London, the drugs are very different and much stronger. So, Theo doesn’t have a good reaction when he takes these drugs and end up having to lay his head on top of Marguerite’s lap for a long time.

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