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From what I have read from A Thousand Pieces of You there is not a lot of humor. I think that it does not have a lot of humor because it is more about the science, Marguerite figuring out her feelings, generally just more serious topics. There is a lot about how Marguerite’s sad that her father’s death since it has only been a couple days and people do not joke about the death of their family. Marguerite is trying to figure out her feelings about everything. There are moments where she wants to find Paul and kill him and there are other moments where she is thinking about how they could have had a relationship. The only thing that I think might have been humor was after Theo used drugs, because apparently he is addicted to them, and the drugs were stronger in that dimension so he said, “That was a good trip.”  I think that there hasn’t been that much humor in the book because I have not read that far into it. I did not really find that funny because of how the book was going so far. The only way that I could think that this book could have humor is if Marguerite and Theo find Paul, but it is not the Paul from their dimension and then Theo has to stop Marguerite from murdering the wrong Paul. Which I still think is not that funny. It is very hard to add humor to this story because of the main topics of the story because the story is not funny. With the book including the topic of a recent death and a person avenging that death, I do not think that many people would find any jokes related to that to be funny.

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