Blog 6: Finishing my story

When I first started writing out my story, I initially planned my story  to take place in Pinedale, Wyoming. I knew that I didn’t want my story top take place in Pennsylvania. I also knew that I wanted my story to take place in a little town. When I first looked up pictures of Pinedale, it was really cute and small. I also had my main characters just getting out of school, and started the actual story in summer break, but then I wanted them to be in a snowy climate. I didn’t want to have to rush my story to try to get through the seasons so I could have a snowy climate, so I decided to pick a totally different state. Since I wanted a snowy climate to start off in, I picked a little town in Colorado called Breckenridge. It looked like something in Hallmar to be honest and I loved it. It had mountains all around it and all the little shops in the town were lit up (during the evening/night) It looked like a winter wonderland and that was perfect because that kind of feeling is perfect for my characters to start off in. I kind of like my story but one of the few things that I do not really like about it is that I feel like it is rushed a bit. I introduced my main characters when they were in elementary school and had to tell their history all the way up to their mid 20s. I always wanted to try and make sure there was a good amount of detail, but did not want to have too much because it would get boring and go nowhere. As far as the The Devil and Tom Walker story goes, it didn’t really affect my story a whole lot. It maybe gave me some inspiration to form my story, but not that much.

IR/ Reading 5

The element I can take from Me Before You and work it into my story is the fact that Will pushes people away when he gets close to them. In the book, Will decides he’s going to run away from his problems because not dealing with them is easier than having to face them. He can’t actually run away because well, he is paralyzed from the neck down, but he takes an alternative way to not have to deal with his situation. I am going to take this kind of ” running away ” idea and incorporate it into my story. I was thinking to kind of base it off of The Office and when Jim ran away to Stamford to try and shut his feelings down for Pam because he could not stand watching Roy and Pam together. In my story, I am going to have ” Pam” and ” Jim” childhood best friends that grow up together. I am going to make the ” Jim” in my story decide to go to a different college than “Pam” to try and shut down his feelings for her because he can’t stand to watch “Pam” fall for another guy. He also does not want to lose the really strong friendship that they have and make things weird and awkward between the two of them. If “Jim” would decide to set his cards all out on the table like actual Jim in The Office did but failed, he would end up losing his best friend and soulmate all at the same time and he is just not willing to take that kind of big risk. I chose this because I am going to try and somehow make some character development throughout the story and thought this could be a good way to get the ball rolling.

IR/ Reading Log 4

The author, Jojo Moyes, made setting play a decent role in the book. Like the place and setting we live in, we have to judge our decisions based off of a lot of factors that are currently happening in that time and place. Two of the major things we have to consider before hand are temperature and weather conditions. The setting we live in also affects our mood too. With this being said, if Lou wanted to try to get Will out of the house, she has to plan accordingly. For example, when Lou took Will out to a horse race, she would need to dress and plan accordingly. She would also have to make sure Will was dressed for the weather they were going to be dealing with for that day because she would want to make sure he is as comfortable as he could be. Even when she is walking to the Traynor’s house in the morning, she needs to make sure she has the proper attire on. If it is raining that day, she would bring an umbrella and if it was snowing, she would wrap up in a scarf and hat. Another thing that plays a pretty big part in the story is the actual location. Me Before You takes place in various areas in the United Kingdom. We all know people over there have a British accent, and this plays a huge part in their character. Words that are commonly used over here in the United States could mean a totally different thing over there, and vice versa. If you watched the movie, you could hear the accent very clearly and could be the first thing you notice about them. I never really noticed how much of an impact the setting has to do with the story until specifically asked. If you decided to visit/ move to a different place, you would have to get accustomed to your surroundings. Just like you said in class, even if it is just another town you’re moving to, those people have their own little things that you would have to get used to.

IR/ Reading Log 3

Me Before You does not use too much humor because trying to joke with a paralyzed, grumpy man is not the easiest thing in the world. But, just like a tragedy, there has to be some sort of humor in there to lighten the mood so everything does not feel so gloomy and dark. One way Jojo Moyes adds humor/ comedy in the book and movie is Lou’s sense of style. Like I said before, she lives for patterns and bright colors. She will straight up pair stripes and polka dots together in one outfit and won’t even think twice about it. She is unapologetically herself when it comes to her personality and that shines through with what she decides to wear. Jojo could have made Will’s helper any plain Jane, but that would be boring and you might not see as much development in Will. The fact that Jojo came up with such a character is the part of the humor in the story. I’m not saying Lou is a complete joke and is always acting like a total fool, but she plays a huge role when it comes to adding humor in the movie and book. One iconic example of Lou’s fashion sense adding humor to the story is when she received the bumble bee stockings. It was her 27th birthday and she mentioned before that when she was younger, she had these bumble bee stockings she loved but grew out of them; she couldn’t find them anywhere. Will surprised her with another pair of bumble bee stockings and she jumped up and down with glee. Everyone in the room including her boyfriend, mom, dad, and grandpa looked at them[the stockings] as if they were a joke, but Lou couldn’t be happier. Her reaction brings a smile to every reader which is what Jojo intended to do. If I had to add humor to the book, I would probably make Will slip out of his wheelchair as Lou tried to help him into bed or something. It wouldn’t be meant to cause any serious pain to Will or anything. I’m not trying to cut the last straw on Will. It would probably be when she’s pretty new to the job and not sure what she’s doing. It’s cruel, but also I’m childish and immature and if I read that, I’d probably laugh out loud.

impaired man lying on the floor after falling out of wheelchair

IR/ Reading Log 2

In Me Before You, the author, Jojo Moyes, reveals the character Louisa Clark as a bubbly, joyful, and quirky girl who is not afraid to be herself. For example, Lou’s fashion sense. Lou loves bright colors, weird patterns, and especially bumble bee striped stockings. The items she typically pairs together would be something people would not even think twice about wearing… at least not out in public. Her unique sense of style is matched with her bubbly personality. Before she became Will’s caretaker, she had previously worked at a café called the Buttered Bun where she, well, buttered buns. She worked at that café for six years! Throughout those six years, she would talk to the customers and try to brighten their day anyway she could. Unfortunately, the owner and her long time friend, Frank, had to close the café for personal reasons. This was a huge surprise for her, but Lou tries her best to always have a positive mind set when faced with a challenge. This trait that she has comes in hand with the job she is currently attending to. When she first met Will, he did not have an ounce of joy in his body. The Traynor’s had to go through countless caretakers for Will because he would always find a way to scare them off. Being around people who are as emotionally draining as Will are hard to be around, let alone have to take care of. That did not stop Lou from entering the Traynor’s house with a smiling on her face, even when she dreaded the thought of having to go to work. Will has thankfully gotten a lot better as far as personality goes, and Lou deserves all the credit. So far, I am really liking Lou’s character. Her optimistic point of view really lightens any situation pertaining to Will. She is kind-hearted and down to Earth. She makes people feel comfortable and at home with ease. She does not care what people think about her or her weird choice of clothing. She just seems like a nice person in general and that’s really good for some guy like Will