Blog 12: Thoreau’s Attempt

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This corona break has forced me to do something I thought I’d never do before… get caught up on all the work I procrastinated on. This was due Feb. 12th, but umm, better late than never I guess. But before I get into this, let me start off by saying… I really don’t understand what Emerson and Thoreau were trying to get at. So, please don’t roast me.

Since they were both transcendentalists, they both believed/ understood that they were more than just their physical self. They both understood that everything in this world is connected by Nature; or some sort of high power/ being. And by mentioning the fact that they knew they were far more than just another human being on Earth, they both wanted to better themselves, and would not stop until they died. With that being said, this kind of mindset was portrayed through their work. The main idea of “Where I Lived and What I Lived For” is all about getting away from society, and being present in nature. If you are able to be present and in the moment in nature, you can take that time to find what your role in life really is. The The main idea of “The Conclusion” is life is what we make it out to be. If we chose to focus on the negative in life, that is how your life will seem. But, if we chose to view the positive over the negative, our life will only get better. The benefits of Thoreau’s experiment were it gave him the time and space he needed to self-reflect and grow as a person. And since he broke away from society, it taught him how to be self-reliant and what  it was like to really live in nature. I think if I were to do the experiment, the big ones I would miss would be the everyday human interaction and technology. I personally value my alone time because it gives me time to recharge. But, I do need some sort of interaction to keep me sane. And since technology plays such a big role in all of our lives, I would miss not being up to date 24/7. If the modern reader were to read some of the things we’ve read that have to do with Transcendentalism is that there is always more room to grow as a person

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