blog 12

To be totally honest i had a very hard time comprehending these stories. They were written very differently than our modern language but i guess they were written in the 1800’s. Although i did not fully understand the stories i can still see some similarities. For starters, both of these stories had to do with nature. Emerson spoke about how the most beautiful thing is gods given gift. In this statement emerson is reffering to nature. He speaks about how he does not feel more pure anywhere then nature. Emersons story is also very religous based. The entire story that he wrote was 100% religion based. The main idea of “Where I Lived and What I Lived For” is for thorau to speak about her stand point on nature. Her whole idea is that she views herself not above nature but one with nature. This means that she views herself as a part of nature and does not view herself as more superior than anything else. The main idea of the conclusion i believe is a very valuable lesson many people need to learn especially in todays society. They try to stress the fact that objects do not define you as a person. This means just because you have something that someone else does not you are no better than they are. i think that there would be a few benfits to this experemint. I think that you would learn to be more self reliant. I also believe that it would make you less stressed considering all the things that go on in todays world. Personally, there is zero chance that i would be able to do this experiment. i rely way too many things that i can not have in the woods. I would miss my phone,I would really miss my family, and most importantly i would really really miss my bed lol. I believe modern day people could take a lot out of trancendentalism. people need to be more with nature in our society. Nowadays it is widely accepted to basically kill what was gifted to us. We need to take that from this because if not our world could no longer be as we know it.

Blog 11

After doing the debate on universal healthcare my views completely changed on this topic. Before the debate i did not agree with universal healthcare at all. i though it was set up to ownly help poor people or people who just can not afford health insurance. However, after a little bit of research i came to realize that it is a great idea. universal healthcare could totally change our society. Not only would it help everyone be healthier, this country could save up to 1.8 trillion dollars in just the next 10 years. The idea for universal healthcare is that everyones taxes get raised a little bit in return they will recieve essentially “free healthcare”. Although it is not actually free it is a lot cheaper overall for our society. Also, if healthcare is cheaper this will help small buisness owners get off the ground easier. Free healthcare means that company owners do not have to supply there employees with healthcare. Belive it or not this is a major reason that buisnesses go under. All that extra cash can be put into the buisness to make it better overall. I learned a lot, however, the reasearch process was not as easy for me. Over half the websites i would click on were obviously swayed. They were not reliable at all. This made the reasearch very hard. It was also very hard for me to do my rebuttal. I honestly did not really know what i was doing in this section. I did not realize it was like the comeback to the con side. I did not do a good job at going back to the points that the con side made. This made the debate alot easier on the other side. By not going back to his points i was basically telling everyone that he was right. I learned alot through this reasearch process.

Blog 10

My topic for the debate next week is about universal healthcare in the United states. The idea of  taxes being raised but being rewarded with free, government ran hostpitals. My side of the debate is the pro side which is for universal healthcare. This is not my personal belief what so ever. I do not believe in universal healthcare. I do not believe in people having to pay for things they do not benefit from. Why should i have to pay for something if i do not use it. if you are the type of person that never gets sick and does not have to go to the hospital why should you have to pay for someone who is sick all the time.Prior to research i know that universal healthcare basically means that there would be government ran hospitals but they would be free of cost. Also, i know that it would raise the price of taxes because they have to pay for the health care. Although i do not know exactly how much the taxes will raise, i am gonna take a wild guess and say that they will go up substantially. When i search for universal health care on google a bunch of political debates pop up and debate websites. This happens because universal healthcare is one of the largest political debates at the moment. Universal healthcare has been a hot topic among politicians for a few years now. For my debate since i do not believe in universal healthcare i think it would be the best if i just stated the facts and counter act anything he says. I will solely base my debate off of straight facts and not my own opinion. i honestly think it was a good thing that i got a topic i did not agree with because it is going to make me only use facts.One ethical issue with this topic is whether or not you are republican. If you are a democrat you will most likely agree with the idea. However, if you are republican you most likely do not believe in the idea of universal health care.

Blog 9

Before the break when this blog was assigned i honestly thought it would be easy to do. However, as i began to do the experiment i soon realized that it was going to be very difficult. It made it ten times harder that we were on break and i had so much time on my hands. The virtues that i were taking track of were judgment, sincerity, frugality, understanding, open minded,  cleanliness, industry, resolution, order, humility, temperance,  tranquility, justice,  silence, moderation. The easiest one for me to do was cleanliness. I kind of figured this one would be easy because i am not a dirty person. I like to be clean i do not like feeling dirty. Temperance was one that was also pretty easy. I was doing good with this one until Christmas hit. After my mom made Christmas dinner i ate a stupid amount of food, and you already know i was munching those leftovers for the next few days. Another easy one for me was order. Order was very easy to me because i like to be neat. At the beginning of break i cleaned my car and my room and i kept it good for the most part. I failed this virtue a few time though however. During break i lost my car keys for like a day or two and had to use my spare which does not even lock my car. Turns out my key was just underneath my seat the entire time even though i know for a fact i looked there. Although there were easy virtues, some of them were extremely difficult for me. The hardest one for me in general was sincerity. i am not really the type of person to hold back. I will tell you how it is no matter who you are. There was a bunch of drama over break and people were getting mad at me but in reality i was just speaking the truth. It is annoying how people nowadays are so sensitive and even if it is the truth if it is any bit bad you better not say it. Another very hard one for me to do was resolution. This was hard for me because i had so much time on my hands and i was having so much fun the last thing i wanted to do was work. That is kind of the reason i am turning this essay in on a Sunday night at 7 o’ clock. I did not do any of my school work until i got back to school, however, one of my New Years resolutions was to get my grades up. The last hard one for me to do successfully was understanding. This is not easy for me because people just get on my nerves. Like if someone is being annoying or needy for attention like i do not really care the reason it is just annoying. There is nothing more annoying to me than a person that always needs some sort of boyfriend/girlfriend in their life. I liked doing this experiment a lot but it was difficult.

The Dodos Conundrum

I thought that The Dodos  Conundrum was a very well written story. It developed a great theme through out the story. Although it is very confusing due to their being 2 different storys in 1. The theme of the story is that you should be able to find happiness on you own. Everyone has something that makes you happy you just have to find it. In this story what makes him happy seems to be trains. In the story the guy likes that he can basically model his own world. It gives him happiness inside. The author said

I look upon my little world,

  A stage that I have set,

And smile at the microcosm

  As good as good can get.

This shows that the model train makes him happy because he says things like as good as good can get and he says how he smiled at the microcosm which means he was happy to be around it. I still am not 100 percent that this is the theme but i am pretty sure it is. The sound and sense questions were a lot harder for The Dodos Conundrum than for the poem eldorado. It was a lot harder because it seemed like there were 2 totally different storys but with a same general theme. Writing poetry has made me aprreciate there work a lot more. It is a lot harder than you think to make any poem let alone a good one. I have a lot of respect for all poets. There work is way harder than anyone gives them credit.


Blog 7

So poetry, not gonna lie it is kinda starting to grow on me. I never really liked poems but after reading some of the poems in the book i read for our like and dislike assignment i began to kind of like it. I like how it can tell a whole story and have all the basic aspects of a story but in less than 10 lines sometimes.  I like poetry and all but i do not like the work that comes with it lol. i just dont really understand the u’s and slashes but besides that it is not to to bad. The Eldarado poem i did not like all that much. I did not like it because it seemed very old timish. I did not like the words the author used because i am not really used to them. I also did not like the fact that he used a knight as his character in his story. I just feel like you could make a lot better of a story with something other than a knight. Also, do you really think if some random pilgrim that just got here from wherever they came from is going to talk to a big knight in armor and most likely with some sort of weapon. I just feel like the whole situation is just dumb. Although i did not like Eldarado, poetry is no where near how bad i used to think it was. The only poetry i have read before this year were just things i was forced to read in school at some point and i hated it. I like poetry now, sort of. i just like how people can think of that little words to make up an entire story. I gotta give it to ya McGarry you got me liking poetry lol.

The Lost Boy #6

There is a very big difference between my first draft of my first story and my final draft. In my final draft i am deciding to add another 3-4 pages with an entire court trial that goes down. I also would like to include more dialouge in my story and go deeper into my characters personal lives.In my story im also thinking about going deeper into the actual mothers and fathers of the kids. I want the parents to have a big arguement in court but without knowing there personality it will be hard to understand the situation.  i want to add a few characters as well so that there can be more to the story. In my book i want to add at least 4 more character. I want the boy to have a brother and i want the girl to have a brother and a sister. I think this will help me out with developing a story. I am changing these things because i would like my story to be more interesting. It was way too plain before. Im hoping that with the trial addition in my story i can add a little more suspense. Personally, i think my story is very well thought out. It almost seems to be ever 17 year olds nightmare. No body wants to be caught in the act with another persons daughter. It seems like your just asking for trouble. Although i am going to be changing my story up quitr a bit The Devil and Tom Walker had a lot of influence on my story. Like in my story i have a more suspense feel to it similar to The Devil and Tom Walker. I chose to use suspense like in that story because there is nothing better as a reader than to be on the edge of your seat at all times.Related image

The lost boy 5

In my short story i plan to incorporate a few things that were in “The Devil and Tom Walker”. First, i will use the same way of developing my characters. In The Lost Boy the author does a great job at revealing the characters personality through several large conflicts that force him to make decisions most people dont have to make. I chose this element to add to my short story because my story is going to be about a crazy dad that kills her daughters boyfriend and the daughter takes her dad to court. In my story the daughter is going to have to make some major decisions that will effect the rest of her life. I would also like to keep my mood kind of suspensful like the author of the book im reading. In The Lost Boy the author keeps you on your toes at all times. There is always something crazy happening or something to look forward to. For example The Lost Boy foreshadows that a court case would happen but they held you in suspense for over a chapter before the actual trial started. I will incorporate this in my story by creating a story with a lot of large conflicts. In my story i plan to have the daughter go against her own father in a court to put him in prison for life for the gruesome murder of her beloved boyfriend. The father will then break out of jail and be on a man hunt for his own blood… his daughter. I chose to use suspense in my story because i think it fits the idea very well. When you are talking about a story that involves people m.urdering there own blood line, there is a lot of oppurtunity to create an immense amount of suspense.

The Lost Boy

In the Story “The Lost Boy” the author does a very good job at utilizing setting. In the story David Pelzer seems to be in a small town where every one is close and knows each others personal lives. Little did the Pelzers friends know that the youngest child David was being tortured by his mother.On a daily basis David would take various types of beatings and punishments that are very cruel for any mother to do to there child. In the book David revealed that he was a very shy kid. David went to the police station the night he ran away and talked to the police. When the police tried talking to David he was a man of few words. He did not like talking to adults about the situation he was in.  He refused to let out any details about what his mother had been doing to him. Also, through setting David really shows how no one knew the real David Pelzer. He did not have a single friend so at school no one ever gave him a shot. He was always the weird kid. The kid that everyone would run from on the playground. Little did any of the school children know what David went through at home. When David was home he could never be himself because he is always on edge. Always watching mothers every step just to see a hand or even a bat coming his way. Through the setting and situations David told about in his book his mom seemed to be a terrible person. She was extremely fake and no one would have ever guessed she was doing what she was. In public Davids mother was always equal and talked highly of all of her children. In the police station Davids mother acted like she was worried sick but David knew it was all just and act. However, when David and his mother got behind closed doors its like a new person came out of her. She was a total monster. Every chance she got she was attacking or punishing the poor boy. David is a great author who utilized the setting to fit his story wonderfully.

Blog 2

In the book “The Lost Boy” the main character is David Pelzer. David is a very smart and brave nine year old boy. He had the courage to do a lot of things most people would not have done.

The author uses many different tactics to show the true colors of the boy. David wrote his book from a first person view so you really understand how he felt throughout the abuse. The author reveals Davids a very shy, timid boy. In the story he does not have one single friend. He is the outcast at school. David never engages with other kids unless he is stealing their food lol. Although The Boy is shy, he is extremely brave. In the story David is nine years old and he was getting abused every day of his life. He had the courage to run away from home and tell on his mother. He ran to a bar and made friends with the worker there. The worker mad him pizza and called the police because David was only 9. The police came and David told the police how his mother is not a good person.Currently in the story David is in the middle of a court case with his mother. Davids one brave nine year old.

After David his story about what he went through it made me have a lot of respect for him. In the story David is the main character.  David is a very nice but weird person. He is very nice and respects just about everyone even his mother. However, he is very socially awkward. He does not have very good social skills because he is never given good attention at home. He really does not have a role model who he can look up to. In the book Davids personality probably saved his life. When he would get beat by his mother if he fought back she would kill him. For what David has been through he is a very good person.

Through torture and loneliness David kept his head high. In the end David is now a great person and his mother, well, shes dead.