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To be totally honest i had a very hard time comprehending these stories. They were written very differently than our modern language but i guess they were written in the 1800’s. Although i did not fully understand the stories i can still see some similarities. For starters, both of these stories had to do with nature. Emerson spoke about how the most beautiful thing is gods given gift. In this statement emerson is reffering to nature. He speaks about how he does not feel more pure anywhere then nature. Emersons story is also very religous based. The entire story that he wrote was 100% religion based. The main idea of “Where I Lived and What I Lived For” is for thorau to speak about her stand point on nature. Her whole idea is that she views herself not above nature but one with nature. This means that she views herself as a part of nature and does not view herself as more superior than anything else. The main idea of the conclusion i believe is a very valuable lesson many people need to learn especially in todays society. They try to stress the fact that objects do not define you as a person. This means just because you have something that someone else does not you are no better than they are. i think that there would be a few benfits to this experemint. I think that you would learn to be more self reliant. I also believe that it would make you less stressed considering all the things that go on in todays world. Personally, there is zero chance that i would be able to do this experiment. i rely way too many things that i can not have in the woods. I would miss my phone,I would really miss my family, and most importantly i would really really miss my bed lol. I believe modern day people could take a lot out of trancendentalism. people need to be more with nature in our society. Nowadays it is widely accepted to basically kill what was gifted to us. We need to take that from this because if not our world could no longer be as we know it.

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