Blog 11

After doing the debate on universal healthcare my views completely changed on this topic. Before the debate i did not agree with universal healthcare at all. i though it was set up to ownly help poor people or people who just can not afford health insurance. However, after a little bit of research i came to realize that it is a great idea. universal healthcare could totally change our society. Not only would it help everyone be healthier, this country could save up to 1.8 trillion dollars in just the next 10 years. The idea for universal healthcare is that everyones taxes get raised a little bit in return they will recieve essentially “free healthcare”. Although it is not actually free it is a lot cheaper overall for our society. Also, if healthcare is cheaper this will help small buisness owners get off the ground easier. Free healthcare means that company owners do not have to supply there employees with healthcare. Belive it or not this is a major reason that buisnesses go under. All that extra cash can be put into the buisness to make it better overall. I learned a lot, however, the reasearch process was not as easy for me. Over half the websites i would click on were obviously swayed. They were not reliable at all. This made the reasearch very hard. It was also very hard for me to do my rebuttal. I honestly did not really know what i was doing in this section. I did not realize it was like the comeback to the con side. I did not do a good job at going back to the points that the con side made. This made the debate alot easier on the other side. By not going back to his points i was basically telling everyone that he was right. I learned alot through this reasearch process.

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