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My topic for the debate next week is about universal healthcare in the United states. The idea of  taxes being raised but being rewarded with free, government ran hostpitals. My side of the debate is the pro side which is for universal healthcare. This is not my personal belief what so ever. I do not believe in universal healthcare. I do not believe in people having to pay for things they do not benefit from. Why should i have to pay for something if i do not use it. if you are the type of person that never gets sick and does not have to go to the hospital why should you have to pay for someone who is sick all the time.Prior to research i know that universal healthcare basically means that there would be government ran hospitals but they would be free of cost. Also, i know that it would raise the price of taxes because they have to pay for the health care. Although i do not know exactly how much the taxes will raise, i am gonna take a wild guess and say that they will go up substantially. When i search for universal health care on google a bunch of political debates pop up and debate websites. This happens because universal healthcare is one of the largest political debates at the moment. Universal healthcare has been a hot topic among politicians for a few years now. For my debate since i do not believe in universal healthcare i think it would be the best if i just stated the facts and counter act anything he says. I will solely base my debate off of straight facts and not my own opinion. i honestly think it was a good thing that i got a topic i did not agree with because it is going to make me only use facts.One ethical issue with this topic is whether or not you are republican. If you are a democrat you will most likely agree with the idea. However, if you are republican you most likely do not believe in the idea of universal health care.

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