Blog 9

Before the break when this blog was assigned i honestly thought it would be easy to do. However, as i began to do the experiment i soon realized that it was going to be very difficult. It made it ten times harder that we were on break and i had so much time on my hands. The virtues that i were taking track of were judgment, sincerity, frugality, understanding, open minded,  cleanliness, industry, resolution, order, humility, temperance,  tranquility, justice,  silence, moderation. The easiest one for me to do was cleanliness. I kind of figured this one would be easy because i am not a dirty person. I like to be clean i do not like feeling dirty. Temperance was one that was also pretty easy. I was doing good with this one until Christmas hit. After my mom made Christmas dinner i ate a stupid amount of food, and you already know i was munching those leftovers for the next few days. Another easy one for me was order. Order was very easy to me because i like to be neat. At the beginning of break i cleaned my car and my room and i kept it good for the most part. I failed this virtue a few time though however. During break i lost my car keys for like a day or two and had to use my spare which does not even lock my car. Turns out my key was just underneath my seat the entire time even though i know for a fact i looked there. Although there were easy virtues, some of them were extremely difficult for me. The hardest one for me in general was sincerity. i am not really the type of person to hold back. I will tell you how it is no matter who you are. There was a bunch of drama over break and people were getting mad at me but in reality i was just speaking the truth. It is annoying how people nowadays are so sensitive and even if it is the truth if it is any bit bad you better not say it. Another very hard one for me to do was resolution. This was hard for me because i had so much time on my hands and i was having so much fun the last thing i wanted to do was work. That is kind of the reason i am turning this essay in on a Sunday night at 7 o’ clock. I did not do any of my school work until i got back to school, however, one of my New Years resolutions was to get my grades up. The last hard one for me to do successfully was understanding. This is not easy for me because people just get on my nerves. Like if someone is being annoying or needy for attention like i do not really care the reason it is just annoying. There is nothing more annoying to me than a person that always needs some sort of boyfriend/girlfriend in their life. I liked doing this experiment a lot but it was difficult.

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