The Dodos Conundrum

I thought that The Dodos  Conundrum was a very well written story. It developed a great theme through out the story. Although it is very confusing due to their being 2 different storys in 1. The theme of the story is that you should be able to find happiness on you own. Everyone has something that makes you happy you just have to find it. In this story what makes him happy seems to be trains. In the story the guy likes that he can basically model his own world. It gives him happiness inside. The author said

I look upon my little world,

  A stage that I have set,

And smile at the microcosm

  As good as good can get.

This shows that the model train makes him happy because he says things like as good as good can get and he says how he smiled at the microcosm which means he was happy to be around it. I still am not 100 percent that this is the theme but i am pretty sure it is. The sound and sense questions were a lot harder for The Dodos Conundrum than for the poem eldorado. It was a lot harder because it seemed like there were 2 totally different storys but with a same general theme. Writing poetry has made me aprreciate there work a lot more. It is a lot harder than you think to make any poem let alone a good one. I have a lot of respect for all poets. There work is way harder than anyone gives them credit.


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