Blog 7

So poetry, not gonna lie it is kinda starting to grow on me. I never really liked poems but after reading some of the poems in the book i read for our like and dislike assignment i began to kind of like it. I like how it can tell a whole story and have all the basic aspects of a story but in less than 10 lines sometimes.  I like poetry and all but i do not like the work that comes with it lol. i just dont really understand the u’s and slashes but besides that it is not to to bad. The Eldarado poem i did not like all that much. I did not like it because it seemed very old timish. I did not like the words the author used because i am not really used to them. I also did not like the fact that he used a knight as his character in his story. I just feel like you could make a lot better of a story with something other than a knight. Also, do you really think if some random pilgrim that just got here from wherever they came from is going to talk to a big knight in armor and most likely with some sort of weapon. I just feel like the whole situation is just dumb. Although i did not like Eldarado, poetry is no where near how bad i used to think it was. The only poetry i have read before this year were just things i was forced to read in school at some point and i hated it. I like poetry now, sort of. i just like how people can think of that little words to make up an entire story. I gotta give it to ya McGarry you got me liking poetry lol.

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