The Lost Boy #6

There is a very big difference between my first draft of my first story and my final draft. In my final draft i am deciding to add another 3-4 pages with an entire court trial that goes down. I also would like to include more dialouge in my story and go deeper into my characters personal lives.In my story im also thinking about going deeper into the actual mothers and fathers of the kids. I want the parents to have a big arguement in court but without knowing there personality it will be hard to understand the situation.  i want to add a few characters as well so that there can be more to the story. In my book i want to add at least 4 more character. I want the boy to have a brother and i want the girl to have a brother and a sister. I think this will help me out with developing a story. I am changing these things because i would like my story to be more interesting. It was way too plain before. Im hoping that with the trial addition in my story i can add a little more suspense. Personally, i think my story is very well thought out. It almost seems to be ever 17 year olds nightmare. No body wants to be caught in the act with another persons daughter. It seems like your just asking for trouble. Although i am going to be changing my story up quitr a bit The Devil and Tom Walker had a lot of influence on my story. Like in my story i have a more suspense feel to it similar to The Devil and Tom Walker. I chose to use suspense like in that story because there is nothing better as a reader than to be on the edge of your seat at all times.Related image

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