The lost boy 5

In my short story i plan to incorporate a few things that were in “The Devil and Tom Walker”. First, i will use the same way of developing my characters. In The Lost Boy the author does a great job at revealing the characters personality through several large conflicts that force him to make decisions most people dont have to make. I chose this element to add to my short story because my story is going to be about a crazy dad that kills her daughters boyfriend and the daughter takes her dad to court. In my story the daughter is going to have to make some major decisions that will effect the rest of her life. I would also like to keep my mood kind of suspensful like the author of the book im reading. In The Lost Boy the author keeps you on your toes at all times. There is always something crazy happening or something to look forward to. For example The Lost Boy foreshadows that a court case would happen but they held you in suspense for over a chapter before the actual trial started. I will incorporate this in my story by creating a story with a lot of large conflicts. In my story i plan to have the daughter go against her own father in a court to put him in prison for life for the gruesome murder of her beloved boyfriend. The father will then break out of jail and be on a man hunt for his own blood… his daughter. I chose to use suspense in my story because i think it fits the idea very well. When you are talking about a story that involves people m.urdering there own blood line, there is a lot of oppurtunity to create an immense amount of suspense.

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