The Lost Boy

In the Story “The Lost Boy” the author does a very good job at utilizing setting. In the story David Pelzer seems to be in a small town where every one is close and knows each others personal lives. Little did the Pelzers friends know that the youngest child David was being tortured by his mother.On a daily basis David would take various types of beatings and punishments that are very cruel for any mother to do to there child. In the book David revealed that he was a very shy kid. David went to the police station the night he ran away and talked to the police. When the police tried talking to David he was a man of few words. He did not like talking to adults about the situation he was in.  He refused to let out any details about what his mother had been doing to him. Also, through setting David really shows how no one knew the real David Pelzer. He did not have a single friend so at school no one ever gave him a shot. He was always the weird kid. The kid that everyone would run from on the playground. Little did any of the school children know what David went through at home. When David was home he could never be himself because he is always on edge. Always watching mothers every step just to see a hand or even a bat coming his way. Through the setting and situations David told about in his book his mom seemed to be a terrible person. She was extremely fake and no one would have ever guessed she was doing what she was. In public Davids mother was always equal and talked highly of all of her children. In the police station Davids mother acted like she was worried sick but David knew it was all just and act. However, when David and his mother got behind closed doors its like a new person came out of her. She was a total monster. Every chance she got she was attacking or punishing the poor boy. David is a great author who utilized the setting to fit his story wonderfully.

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