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In the book “The Lost Boy” the main character is David Pelzer. David is a very smart and brave nine year old boy. He had the courage to do a lot of things most people would not have done.

The author uses many different tactics to show the true colors of the boy. David wrote his book from a first person view so you really understand how he felt throughout the abuse. The author reveals Davids a very shy, timid boy. In the story he does not have one single friend. He is the outcast at school. David never engages with other kids unless he is stealing their food lol. Although The Boy is shy, he is extremely brave. In the story David is nine years old and he was getting abused every day of his life. He had the courage to run away from home and tell on his mother. He ran to a bar and made friends with the worker there. The worker mad him pizza and called the police because David was only 9. The police came and David told the police how his mother is not a good person.Currently in the story David is in the middle of a court case with his mother. Davids one brave nine year old.

After David his story about what he went through it made me have a lot of respect for him. In the story David is the main character.  David is a very nice but weird person. He is very nice and respects just about everyone even his mother. However, he is very socially awkward. He does not have very good social skills because he is never given good attention at home. He really does not have a role model who he can look up to. In the book Davids personality probably saved his life. When he would get beat by his mother if he fought back she would kill him. For what David has been through he is a very good person.

Through torture and loneliness David kept his head high. In the end David is now a great person and his mother, well, shes dead.

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