The Lost Boy blog #1

The book that I chose to read is called “The Lost Boy”.  This book is a sequel to the book “A Child Called”. Both of these books are autobiographies written by David Pelzer. In the book David is a nine year old boy with 2 brothers, his mother Roerva, and father Stephen. As a child, David received beatings and cruel punishments on a daily basis. His mother, Roerva, makes it very clear to David that he is the least favorite child. She tells him that he is not loved in there home and makes him eat his brothers leftovers or out of the garbage can.  Roerva will play games with David when he commits a “crime”. There not just any other game though. David has to not move a muscle and not look at his mother as she tortures him by scratching him and ripping on his ear. However, if David moves even the slightest bit, the beatings get incredibly worse. Sometimes she will beat David to the point where he can barely even crawl away. Davids father on the other hand never laid a finger on him. Davids father is a fireman in California so he is rarely ever home. When Stephen is around he tries to stick up for David. He tells Roerva how no child should be treated like that and how she needs to just leave him be. Stephen saying this to Roerva was a very big mistake. Roerva is very controlling and does not like to be told what to do. A huge arguement breaks out between Roerva and Stephen and she kicks David out of there home. David ran to the pizza shop searching for leftover food as he has not been fed in over a day. After not finding any leftovers he decides to steal a quarter from the pool table.  Shortly after a man name Mark stops David and makes him give the quarter back to the guys playing pool. Mark proceeds by trying to talk to David and why he is out so late but David does not respond. Mark quickly realizes that the boy is not okay and needs help. Mark offers to make David a pizza. While making Davids pizza Mark contacted the police to come talk to David. The officer came and took him to the station where he continued to question David. He does not speak up and the officer calls Stephen. David messed up big time and he knows it. He is going back to “The House”.

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