Question 4 Daniels story

If i met someone my age clueless about the  Holocaust i would make sure they realize how important it was. I would make them realize by telling them how many people were killed just because of there beliefs. I also would make sure to tell them how cruel the Nazis were towards the jews. I would tell them how entire familys were brutally murdered and how husband and wife, parents and children, and even family was torn apart and to never see eachother again. I would also tell them about how its what caused world war two.  Now that i’ve learned about the Holocaust i believe everyone should know what happened during that awful time period.

Question 2 Daniels story

Daniel was the character in the story that stood out to me the most. He stood out the most to me because he persevered and survived one of the most if not the most tradgic event in history.Also he was very caring and would give up anything just for the ones he loved to live. He was a big reason his father stayed alive and after it all he went all the way back to lodz to find Rosa. Daniel is my favorite character in the story and he is an amazing influence on people going through rough times.

Question 1 Daniels story

The Holocaust was an awful event. I sadly did not know much about it before i learned about it. Before all i knew was that hitler was in charge and he killed alot of people. Now, i realize how awful and cruel it was. I learned that it was the cause of World War Two and over six million Jewish people died. I learned of concentration camps where jews were forced to work and then be mass murdered. I am glad that i now know how awful the Holocaust was.

Question 3 response


Personally, Aushwitz  made the biggest impression on me. It made the biggest impression on me because it made me realize how cruel the nazis were. It also made me realize how the Jewish people were killed and where they would put them after they’ve been killed. At Aushwitz in the story I learned that they would gas hundreds of people and then put them in fires to burn the bodies. I also learned how brutal the guards were and no matter how old you were they gave no mercy. Aushwitz was an awful place and showed me how ruthless the Nazis were.