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In my short story i plan to incorporate a few things that were in “The Devil and Tom Walker”. First, i will use the same way of developing my characters. In The Lost Boy the author does a great job at revealing the characters personality through several large conflicts that force him to make decisions most people dont have to make. I chose this element to add to my short story because my story is going to be about a crazy dad that kills her daughters boyfriend and the daughter takes her dad to court. In my story the daughter is going to have to make some major decisions that will effect the rest of her life. I would also like to keep my mood kind of suspensful like the author of the book im reading. In The Lost Boy the author keeps you on your toes at all times. There is always something crazy happening or something to look forward to. For example The Lost Boy foreshadows that a court case would happen but they held you in suspense for over a chapter before the actual trial started. I will incorporate this in my story by creating a story with a lot of large conflicts. In my story i plan to have the daughter go against her own father in a court to put him in prison for life for the gruesome murder of her beloved boyfriend. The father will then break out of jail and be on a man hunt for his own blood… his daughter. I chose to use suspense in my story because i think it fits the idea very well. When you are talking about a story that involves people m.urdering there own blood line, there is a lot of oppurtunity to create an immense amount of suspense.

The Lost Boy

In the Story “The Lost Boy” the author does a very good job at utilizing setting. In the story David Pelzer seems to be in a small town where every one is close and knows each others personal lives. Little did the Pelzers friends know that the youngest child David was being tortured by his mother.On a daily basis David would take various types of beatings and punishments that are very cruel for any mother to do to there child. In the book David revealed that he was a very shy kid. David went to the police station the night he ran away and talked to the police. When the police tried talking to David he was a man of few words. He did not like talking to adults about the situation he was in.  He refused to let out any details about what his mother had been doing to him. Also, through setting David really shows how no one knew the real David Pelzer. He did not have a single friend so at school no one ever gave him a shot. He was always the weird kid. The kid that everyone would run from on the playground. Little did any of the school children know what David went through at home. When David was home he could never be himself because he is always on edge. Always watching mothers every step just to see a hand or even a bat coming his way. Through the setting and situations David told about in his book his mom seemed to be a terrible person. She was extremely fake and no one would have ever guessed she was doing what she was. In public Davids mother was always equal and talked highly of all of her children. In the police station Davids mother acted like she was worried sick but David knew it was all just and act. However, when David and his mother got behind closed doors its like a new person came out of her. She was a total monster. Every chance she got she was attacking or punishing the poor boy. David is a great author who utilized the setting to fit his story wonderfully.

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In the book “The Lost Boy” the main character is David Pelzer. David is a very smart and brave nine year old boy. He had the courage to do a lot of things most people would not have done.

The author uses many different tactics to show the true colors of the boy. David wrote his book from a first person view so you really understand how he felt throughout the abuse. The author reveals Davids a very shy, timid boy. In the story he does not have one single friend. He is the outcast at school. David never engages with other kids unless he is stealing their food lol. Although The Boy is shy, he is extremely brave. In the story David is nine years old and he was getting abused every day of his life. He had the courage to run away from home and tell on his mother. He ran to a bar and made friends with the worker there. The worker mad him pizza and called the police because David was only 9. The police came and David told the police how his mother is not a good person.Currently in the story David is in the middle of a court case with his mother. Davids one brave nine year old.

After David his story about what he went through it made me have a lot of respect for him. In the story David is the main character.  David is a very nice but weird person. He is very nice and respects just about everyone even his mother. However, he is very socially awkward. He does not have very good social skills because he is never given good attention at home. He really does not have a role model who he can look up to. In the book Davids personality probably saved his life. When he would get beat by his mother if he fought back she would kill him. For what David has been through he is a very good person.

Through torture and loneliness David kept his head high. In the end David is now a great person and his mother, well, shes dead.

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The book that I chose to read is called “The Lost Boy”.  This book is a sequel to the book “A Child Called”. Both of these books are autobiographies written by David Pelzer. In the book David is a nine year old boy with 2 brothers, his mother Roerva, and father Stephen. As a child, David received beatings and cruel punishments on a daily basis. His mother, Roerva, makes it very clear to David that he is the least favorite child. She tells him that he is not loved in there home and makes him eat his brothers leftovers or out of the garbage can.  Roerva will play games with David when he commits a “crime”. There not just any other game though. David has to not move a muscle and not look at his mother as she tortures him by scratching him and ripping on his ear. However, if David moves even the slightest bit, the beatings get incredibly worse. Sometimes she will beat David to the point where he can barely even crawl away. Davids father on the other hand never laid a finger on him. Davids father is a fireman in California so he is rarely ever home. When Stephen is around he tries to stick up for David. He tells Roerva how no child should be treated like that and how she needs to just leave him be. Stephen saying this to Roerva was a very big mistake. Roerva is very controlling and does not like to be told what to do. A huge arguement breaks out between Roerva and Stephen and she kicks David out of there home. David ran to the pizza shop searching for leftover food as he has not been fed in over a day. After not finding any leftovers he decides to steal a quarter from the pool table.  Shortly after a man name Mark stops David and makes him give the quarter back to the guys playing pool. Mark proceeds by trying to talk to David and why he is out so late but David does not respond. Mark quickly realizes that the boy is not okay and needs help. Mark offers to make David a pizza. While making Davids pizza Mark contacted the police to come talk to David. The officer came and took him to the station where he continued to question David. He does not speak up and the officer calls Stephen. David messed up big time and he knows it. He is going back to “The House”.

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If i met someone my age clueless about the  Holocaust i would make sure they realize how important it was. I would make them realize by telling them how many people were killed just because of there beliefs. I also would make sure to tell them how cruel the Nazis were towards the jews. I would tell them how entire familys were brutally murdered and how husband and wife, parents and children, and even family was torn apart and to never see eachother again. I would also tell them about how its what caused world war two.  Now that i’ve learned about the Holocaust i believe everyone should know what happened during that awful time period.

Question 2 Daniels story

Daniel was the character in the story that stood out to me the most. He stood out the most to me because he persevered and survived one of the most if not the most tradgic event in history.Also he was very caring and would give up anything just for the ones he loved to live. He was a big reason his father stayed alive and after it all he went all the way back to lodz to find Rosa. Daniel is my favorite character in the story and he is an amazing influence on people going through rough times.

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The Holocaust was an awful event. I sadly did not know much about it before i learned about it. Before all i knew was that hitler was in charge and he killed alot of people. Now, i realize how awful and cruel it was. I learned that it was the cause of World War Two and over six million Jewish people died. I learned of concentration camps where jews were forced to work and then be mass murdered. I am glad that i now know how awful the Holocaust was.

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Personally, Aushwitz  made the biggest impression on me. It made the biggest impression on me because it made me realize how cruel the nazis were. It also made me realize how the Jewish people were killed and where they would put them after they’ve been killed. At Aushwitz in the story I learned that they would gas hundreds of people and then put them in fires to burn the bodies. I also learned how brutal the guards were and no matter how old you were they gave no mercy. Aushwitz was an awful place and showed me how ruthless the Nazis were.