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My topic for the debate is “Man influences climate change-con”  My position for this is in between because I feel like we definitely have an impact on climate change, although I don’t think that we are the entire reason. I know that climate change is a big debate and a major topic for people to debate and discuss because there is a decent amount of facts for both sides. I already know prior to my research that the climate had drastically changed in the past without people being here, for example, the ice age. I also know bad things from factories, car exhaust, and etc. have been releasing gasses and affecting the ozone layer in the climate. From doing a basic google search I found that the debate of global warming has two major sides, which are if the climate changing is from people, or from natural forces. I will approach this debate in a logical way by stating statistics that prove that the climate changes naturally. I will also talk about the ice age and how that affected the world without people, so it will be a possibility to be doing the same with people. I can also talk about how people don’t actually research the facts of the issue, instead, they just assume and blame it on each other. An ethical issue with this debate side is that there have been a lot of technological advancements in the past few years and there have been a lot of climate changes so based on the statistics it seems like we are the reason. Although we aren’t sure if it correlates or not or how much. Another issue is that it seems like both sides affect how our world is becoming and it most likely isn’t because of one solid answer.  There are many emotions in this debate because it is an emotional topic. This is emotional because it is all new to us and we don’t know what is going to end up happening to our Earth.

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