Blog 8

My first impressions on the “Dodo’s Conundrum” is that is was a little hard to understand the first read because there was a lot of hidden meaning, although it was very interesting to read and figure out. In regards to the theme, I found that is no matter how much you want to control something, not everything can be controlled. There are still some parts that are still confusing to me because there are a lot of metaphors and symbols that I think I miss interpreted, but I think that the way the reader interprets poetry is different from person to person depending on their views. Personally, I think that answering the safe and sense questions were easier for Eldorado than the Dodo’s conundrum because the Eldorado is more straight forward then the Dodo’s conundrum. The Dodo’s conundrum for me took a couple times to read it to understand the complete meaning since it was more complex. It was harder to fill out the questions because I had to think deeper than I did in the Eldorado poem. For me, writing poetry helped me analyze and read this poem because I got to be imaginative and creative. When I wrote my poem I tried to write it about something that people can relate to, like growing up, and this poem seems to be something that many people can relate too. I think that because of this it helps you try to understand it on more of a personal level rather than a basic school assignment level.




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