Blog 10

My topic for the debate is “Man influences climate change-con”  My position for this is in between because I feel like we definitely have an impact on climate change, although I don’t think that we are the entire reason. I know that climate change is a big debate and a major topic for people to debate and discuss because there is a decent amount of facts for both sides. I already know prior to my research that the climate had drastically changed in the past without people being here, for example, the ice age. I also know bad things from factories, car exhaust, and etc. have been releasing gasses and affecting the ozone layer in the climate. From doing a basic google search I found that the debate of global warming has two major sides, which are if the climate changing is from people, or from natural forces. I will approach this debate in a logical way by stating statistics that prove that the climate changes naturally. I will also talk about the ice age and how that affected the world without people, so it will be a possibility to be doing the same with people. I can also talk about how people don’t actually research the facts of the issue, instead, they just assume and blame it on each other. An ethical issue with this debate side is that there have been a lot of technological advancements in the past few years and there have been a lot of climate changes so based on the statistics it seems like we are the reason. Although we aren’t sure if it correlates or not or how much. Another issue is that it seems like both sides affect how our world is becoming and it most likely isn’t because of one solid answer.  There are many emotions in this debate because it is an emotional topic. This is emotional because it is all new to us and we don’t know what is going to end up happening to our Earth.

Blog 8

My first impressions on the “Dodo’s Conundrum” is that is was a little hard to understand the first read because there was a lot of hidden meaning, although it was very interesting to read and figure out. In regards to the theme, I found that is no matter how much you want to control something, not everything can be controlled. There are still some parts that are still confusing to me because there are a lot of metaphors and symbols that I think I miss interpreted, but I think that the way the reader interprets poetry is different from person to person depending on their views. Personally, I think that answering the safe and sense questions were easier for Eldorado than the Dodo’s conundrum because the Eldorado is more straight forward then the Dodo’s conundrum. The Dodo’s conundrum for me took a couple times to read it to understand the complete meaning since it was more complex. It was harder to fill out the questions because I had to think deeper than I did in the Eldorado poem. For me, writing poetry helped me analyze and read this poem because I got to be imaginative and creative. When I wrote my poem I tried to write it about something that people can relate to, like growing up, and this poem seems to be something that many people can relate too. I think that because of this it helps you try to understand it on more of a personal level rather than a basic school assignment level.




Blog 9

In my English class we read part of an autobiography about Benjamin Franklin and how he wanted to live his life as a perfect person. Obviously this is pretty much impossible to do, although he was determined. From this idea he created 13 virtues to create an lifestyle that will make him live perfect. We read through these and interpreted them our own way. From this our class created an experiment to try our best to do this ourselves.  The first one was “TEMPERANCE” We modernize it we explained it as “Only use what you need, excess is just taking away from others.” Throughout my weeks was pretty good about this although twice this week I did not. Both times I ate more than I should have even when I was not hungry, one was on Christmas. The second was “SILENCE”We interpreted it as “Only talk when your words benefit someone, hurtful words are unnecessary” throughout the week I did not catch myself failing to do this. He listed the third as “ORDER” We thought of it as “Keep things arranged and make time for them in your life” I failed to do this almost everyday until I cleaned my room and straightened up, which was for Christmas.  Number four was “RESOLUTION” And we defined it as “Be determined in completing your tasks.” I did not do this very well because I forgot to mark my virtues down almost everyday. Five was “FRUGALITY” Our definition was “Do not waste on something that is not essential, or not needed for you or someone else” I did not see myself failing to do this. Number six was
“INDUSTRY” our definition was “Only do what is needed, and always do things that are beneficiary” I failed to do this multiple times this week because I was pretty relaxed and could have been more active to benefit myself. Seven was “SINCERITY” we thought of it “To be honest with yourself and other people in everyone’s best interest” I did not think I failed to do this. Eighth was “JUSTICE” Our definition was “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Only if you have all the facts can you judge within reason” I also don’t think I failed to do this. Nine was “MODERATION” we made it “Avoid acting in extreme behavior.” I did not think that I acted in extreme behavior. Ten was “CLEANLINESS” and we defined it as
“Maintain good hygiene with yourself and your household” I think that I stayed pretty clean over the past week. Eleven was “TRANQUILLITY” we defined it to “Remain calm at incidents you cannot control” I failed to do this two times but the rest I accomplished this. Number twelve was “CHASTITY” although he decided to take that one out. Number thirteen was “HUMILITY” And we defined it as “Being humble” and over this week I think I have been pretty humble. We added “Prudence” and defined it as “Putting your ego aside and doing what is right no matter what you are challenged with.” I and think that I stood by this. The last thing we added was “FORGIVENESS” we can up with the definition of “Being able to forgive others for their actions” and I did not really have anyone to forgive so I did this. This experiment let me see how hard it would be to be a “perfect person” and how many boundaries there would be to do so.

Blog #7

It has been a constant discussion in our class if we like or dislike poetry, even though almost everyone in our class dislikes it. Before we learned about it again our teacher asked us to write our opinions on poetry. I wrote earlier about how I dislike poetry a lot and hate that we break every line down. Recently we have learned about poetry terminology and how to break it down again. Although this time it was a lot better because rather than explaining the meaning of every single stanza we just had to do a scansion which broke down the syllables of the poem. This was not nearly as bad as it was in middle school. I’m not saying that poetry is my favorite because it definitely is not but it wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past. I think that some poems can have to potential to be a good read depending on the person. Personally I think if it was easier to find good poetry that was interesting for people to read, than maybe it wouldn’t be hated so much. Since nowadays students don’t want to put in the time to actually read, let alone search for a poem that isn’t painful to read. The fact that teachers usually pick out boring ones or make us try and understand every single thing about it makes it hard for students to like. Overall I think poetry is an acquired thing to like for most, but also get a bad reputation because of the teachers. Now I don’t think that the poem our teacher picked out which was “Eldorado” by Edgar Allan Poe was too bad. I wish it was a little longer and more descriptive because it was hard to follow. I don’t think I wouldn’t have understood it without my teacher explaining it. The poem itself was pretty interesting and the story line was pretty good, although it was still a little confusing. I feel like if this poem was a short story instead I would of enjoyed was more it because the storyline seemed interesting. I don’t get why in poetry they try to use words that are so hard to comprehend for most people, I feel like the goal of writing something should be making sure the audience understand even if the storyline isn’t good, instead of the other way around.


Blog 6

From the beginning of my story to where it is now, it has changed drastically. When I started picking out of the six word story list I pick “Found true love, and married someone else.” From that I was going to create a story about a girl who is in a current relationship that she doesn’t like and finds true love with someone else. At the end of the story she decides to stay in the relationship she’s in, and when he proposes instead of going with her true love she says yes. In the beginning of writing my story I was going to make it more modern, but I decided to make it during an earlier time period. I decided to do this so it would be easier to create a milieu and setting to back up the reasoning of why she made this decision. I changed the time period from the beginning to the end of writing this story because I thought it would make it more creative and interesting. I feel like I really enjoyed writing my story and thinking of how I should describe my characters and setting. I like that my story has a lot of descriptive details in it to make it more interesting. I also like the plot twist at the end of my story because it would have been basic without it. I didn’t like the way I wrote my dialogue because it was a little cheesy. I wasn’t really sure how to make my dialogue more realistic. Reading “The Devil and Tom Walker” affected my story because it gave me the idea to use a flashback like Tom did. Since I did this it was easier to reveal the character and how they use to be on the wrong tract, or in Tom’s case is.


Blog 5

The story I’m reading is “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman.  It is mostly about a family that gets into a car accident and one of the girls, named Mia is having an out of body experience. She is stuck in between being alive and dead, and has to make a big decision.  She thinks about all of the things she could do if she stayed alive, but also remembers all the pain she will experience because of her family dying. My story is about a woman that has a boyfriend that is very mean and not fun,but rich, and how one day she meets the perfect guy for her. Her boyfriend proposes, so she needs to make a decision about who she wants to be with. The story has a plot twist because she ends up going with the rich guy because she is greedy. Mia has to make a major decision, just like the character in my short story. The ending of each, where they decide their final decision, helps reveal character based on what they chose. Mia choosing life means she’s hopeful, and the main character of my story choosing the rich guy reveals she greedy. Throughout the story the character makes gradual developments, but not any major ones. For example, Mia in the story develops by beginning to start leaning towards staying alive, making her a stronger character. In my story the main character develops by considering being with the good guy, that she should actually be with, even though she ends up not. The conflicts are very similar because they both come down to the main character making a major life (or death)  changing decision. The tone of both stories is being very dark and twisted. In “If I Stay” they talk about death and reasons to die. In my story I talk about if the main character should marry the guy she doesn’t actually like, or the one that is meant to be. Since she picks the rich guy it makes the story dark and twisted. I chose these elements to fit in my story because they make for an intense story that lets the reader question.

This is from “If I Stay” and also relates to my story.

Blog 4

In the book I am reading it is called “If I Stay” Gayle Forman, and is about a seventeen year old girl named Mia. She feels stuck because she is being faced with a lot of difficult decisions in her life until it all came down to one major one. One day her and her family were driving in a car and they got into an accident. All of a sudden she sees herself and her family all being taken by the ambulances. The setting was a winter day with fresh snow on the ground because they had just canceled school. They were on a lonely, windy road in the woods that started to fill up with people. This setting is being utilized in the story by making the reader a bit confused. They question if the reason that they crashed was because of the snow or not. It scares Mia because she is having an out of body experience, where she can see her family being taken away, which confuses her of what is going on and why that happened. She follows everyone until they get to the hospital where she can still see her own body. It takes time but she realizes that no one can hear or see her. The setting of her being in the hospital, but also like an “in between” of life and death is a huge influence on Mia, because she needs to learn how to live like that for awhile. A major part of the setting is her flashbacks that she sees. Since she is deciding if she wants to live or not a lot of the story is presented in her past experiences. This is a huge way of revealing her character to the reader because it goes through things that she has done and how shes reacted to things. This part of the setting shows her personality just by seeing where she would go and the things she would do. The setting all together is a huge impact on the story for many reasons. For example, she has a flashback of her at her school practicing playing the cello, her favorite instrument which is a big part of her life. Most of her interests have to do with music and you can figure that out just based on that part of the setting.

This is Mia playing the cello at school.

Blog 2 characterization

Blog 2: Characterization

The book that I am reading is called “The Name of the Star”. The protagonist in the story I am reading is a girl named Rory. She recently decided to take a sabbatical year her senior year at a boarding school in London. Rory travels all the way from the outside of New Orleans to London just so that she can join the boarding school. Rory is moving in herself so she has to travel alone on the plane until she meets an old man to help her take her stuff to her new boarding school. By doing so, that shows that she is very independent and responsible. The author reveals Rory’s character of being intelligent, and curious by how she is very descriptive. Throughout the story Rory describes instances very thoroughly, making the reader assume that she has a good analysis of situations. She explains in depth about her trip and how she examines the people she meets. When Rory meets the head girl at her school, Charlotte, she quickly gets an impression and analysis of her. She also talks about meeting the other prefects, and says “[They] were casually dressed, but in a dressy way. Like Charlotte, the other girls were informal skirts. The guys wore polo shirts or T-shirts with logos I didn’t recognize, and looked like people in catalog ads”. The way she illustrates the other characters tells me that when she is very precise. This will come in handy when she starts to investigate mysteries from her curious nature. Rory’s role in the story is to figure out why there have been so many murders in London. She is the kind of person that is brave, because she moved to a London school she’s never been before by choice, even though she didn’t know anyone. She also is brave because she is going to be an outcast and stand out this year, because she is in a new country she isn’t from, and doesn’t know the customs. Rory experienced this when she was the only one wearing a uniform when she first met everyone and they were all dressed in their normal clothes. She is smart, curious, and very observant. These very good qualities affect the story’s conflict because it will help her solve the mysteries and crimes that many other people could not do. I chose a picture of of girls in their uniforms to get an idea of what they would be wearing to show a background of what London customs

Book Review

The book I chose is called “The Name of the Star”, by Maureen Johnson. Our librarian, Mr. Burrell suggested this book to my friend, Myah. Then I decided to start reading this book, because she recommended it to me. She had recently read this book and enjoyed it because of the mysterious storyline. The main character, Rory was moving around from place to place with her family her whole life but mostly grew up outside of Louisiana. Her parents lived in different places because they both studied to be lawyers. As Rory got older, and approached her senior year she decided to take a sabbatical year to go to a boarding school In London. Because of this most of the story takes place in London, although it starts off talking about Rory on journey to start her new life. She originally planned to have her parents help move her in because they were also moving in around that area soon, although they couldn’t make it. Since they couldn’t make it Rory had to fly on her own and meet up with an escort to help her with her stuff. She didn’t really mind, and knew she would be able to take the train to her parents when they moved in. The beginning of the story she starts to discover the mysterious deaths that have been recently going on. When Rory got off of the plane and talked to the old man that was helping her, he brought up a “jack ripper”. She didn’t know what that meant, until she turned on the radio in the car on the way to where she was staying and heard about how there have been what seems to be gruesome murders, and no know knew who did it. I am curious to see how she will react to these incidents because she seems like she would be very curious about these situations. I like Rory because she seems like the type of character to start investing and solving the problems. So far I am glad I chose this book because I am very interested in the suspenseful, mystery type of books, which I think this will be.

I picked a picture of an old boarding school in London because that is we’re most of the setting is.