The Missing Sister

The book I’m currently reading is called The Stranger Game by Cylin Busby. The main character in this story is a 13-year-old girl named, Nico Morris. Ever since her older sister Sarah went missing Nico has volunteered at the help center. It’s good for her. Nico shows what type of character she is when the woman at the center tells her to pick up the phone to talk to a real victim who is in need of help. Nico speaks carefully, and thinks and says her words in a smart way. She knows her words can help someone who truly needs it and she understands how important it is. No one really knows what happened to Sarah when she went missing years ago and Nico hates the feeling of not knowing. 

Nico is a timid, shy girl, and a lot of things have happened in her life that shape the way she thinks and acts. Nico works at the local help center in her town, and she constantly thinks about what would happen if her missing sister called in asking for help. I can picture how Nico and also how Sarah both look in this story. The way the author describes Sarah’s features, with her long blonde hair and hazel eyes, exactly the same as Nico’s, and smart characteristics to both. They’re both good people, but I’m not sure how Sarah is going to be when she comes back. I’m also not sure how Nico is going to react to that as well.

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Nico’s role in this story is the protagonist. She is the one that’s going to solve the mystery of the disappearance of her older sister, and she’s going to be the one who makes things right, and back to normal, the way things should’ve been for the past few years. She’s going to help and find her sister, she knows she’s still out there. 

Nico’s personality comes off as reserved, quiet, and not as outgoing as her sister was made out to be. It’s’s obvious Sarah, the big sister, head of the cheer squad, top of her class, was the favorite out of the two sisters. Nico lived in her shadow. Nico is the way she is because her parents have become very protective and careful for her since Sarah went missing. They have a rule to always keep in contact at all times and Nico is a very good kid and listens to her parents. I’m not sure what’s to come in this story, but I know Nico is going to figure out what went wrong with the missing case of Sarah and make things right.

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